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March 27, 2011

Twitter – not fully into social media Mattamy?



Twitter – a social networking application on the internet that allows people to communicate their thoughts, goals, announcements and, just life in general via computers and probably more often, through phones. 

Instant communication restricted to 140 characters.

Instant feedback.

I’ve noticed quite a span of human interests and demographics of people using Twitter.  I’ve watched the on-going freedom riots in the Middle East unfold and, the meltdown of Japan’s nuclear reactors and Charlie Sheen’s brain via the tweets from people. 

Slices of life in 140 characters.

I seem to have drifted towards the real estate world with my interests, in addition to tweets from some local politicians, newshounds and “thinkers”.  I’ve enjoyed their comments, not directed towards me but, “to the world”.  I may not agree but I relish the open discussion allowed and the differing opinions that flow across my screen – phone and computer.

One thing though is that you can’t have a thin skin or back off from critical thought.  You are there to learn and pass on your thoughts.  IF someone doesn’t like you, they can just shut you off from their world.  A safety valve all have access to and ensures all have the privilege of being able to state their thoughts, unencumbered by those in power.  Those tweeting out of Libya during this crisis are a good example of how the internet can get the small person’s voice out there, not controlled by the government supported news system or by those wanting to shut down all thought but there own.

Now, what does this have to do with Mattamy?  Well, Mattamy professes itself to be a forward thinking company with good ideas and high quality.  You’d think they would want to use Twitter to put their thoughts out into the world. 

Promote their new construction.

They do have three forays into Twitter land. 

One, still active – @mattamyhomesjax, focuses on Northeast Florida. The only one that promotes their business. I thought they had more than one development.  And a search of Matamy on the Twitter site shows miminal mentions.  Although one, shown at the end of this blog, did appear interesting.

The second – @mattamyhomes has 24 followers, doesn’t follow anyone else and, alas, has no Tweets to their name.  A hollow vessel that mimics their pledge of quality I think.

The third – @mattamypartners was put up temporarily to fight the increase in development costs in Halton and could be considered the propaganda instrument for Mattamy to fight those wanting fair development charges which ensured developers paid their freight in new development, instead of freeloading on the taxpayer.  But, it hasn’t been active since May, 09.  It’s second last tweet attacked Oakville’s mayor, who was pushing for the taxpayer.  A good one sided viewpoint.  A billionaires attempt to justify tax supported profit.

No, I find it interesting that Peter Gilgan and Mattamy really haven’t put forward a Twitter account to reach out to those interested in buying a Mattamy home, except Florida (swampland anyone).  Of course, maybe they fear the one thing that has been a Twitter strength.  It allows the truth to get out there to a very large population – WORLD WIDE.  Of course, it also allows untruths and, in some circles, public condemnation of those using Twitter to put out their stuff. 

An electronic stoning, so to speak.

Based on my research and, personal experience of Mattamy, I think they find that Twitter allows too much truth to get out there and maybe they just can’t fight that. 

You see, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Already on the blogs and complaint boards the truth of Mattamy has been promoted to the public and, all the kings horses and all the kings men, along with J.P. Power and Associates, just can’t erase the Mattamy stain on the construction industry.  A foray into Tweeting, might just be too much for them to handle. 

Instant truth in the responses.  Some will respond in the positive as they were treated properly with good construction (even those asked to complete the J.D. Power and Associates survey) but, there are a lot of us out there who received the royal shaft. 

And we know how to use Twitter.

I did find one interesting comment about Mattamy though one Twitter account.  It kind of gave me a flashback to the bully boy incident.  This was downloaded from Twitter and the name of the account has been blanked out to protect him from Mattamy, although he seems to think he is a Mattamy goon.

Mattamy GOONS? Do they do the PDI?

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