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March 20, 2011

Hey Gilgan, have you over-donated – not on the Billionaire list?


FORBES released its compilation of the world’s top billionaires.  They range from Carlos Slim Helu and Family (1) from Mexico, whose wealth  from telecom is estimated at $74BILLION to Dmitry Troitsky (1140 tie) from Russian who comes in at a billion from the Retail trade.  A lot of the names are familiar but since I don’t run in these circles, most are unknown to me.  One wonders how one accumulates this vast wealth, considering the government wants to tax every cent I earn.  I know some have their wealth passed down to them from family and inheritance and others have earned it the hard way from the bottom.  Some have probably earned it legitimately while others  have, let’s say, earned it from probably shady sources.  We know there are a lot of mob bosses out there who have turned to ooking legit to their neighbours.  Seagrams made their money selling during prohibition but are now a respected name.

Some of these wealthy personages donate money to various causes – some with fanfare and others anonymously.  Take the Peter Gilgan Family YMCA in Oakville for example.  Could tell you some interesting stories about that place but, it is noteworthy that after making the donation, it was named after Peter Gilgan, even though I understand there was someone who donated more money.  One wanted the press flash and the other just wanted to donate.  Mmmmm, I never got a press flash for my United Way donations.

Gilgan also donated money to the Oakville Hospital.  The original $10 million was donated with no name but, after the election – voila – Gilgan comes forth as the benefactor.  Interestingly – Halton Region reduced the “development charges”.  Now, if someone comes in with more than $10million, will they get to name the portion of the hospital now named after Peter Gilgan?  Will there be donation wars on who gets the naming rights?

Well, if you lose out Peter, and they take your name off the Oakville Hospital, I will start a campaign to get your name back up there.  Based on how I was treated, I will propose the “Peter Gilgan Colonoscopy Wing”.

Here are the top Canadians: (Listing number is world position)

Name                                Wealth     Age      Industry     

David Thomson & family $23 B 53 media Canada
Galen Weston & family $7.1 B 70 Retail Canada
Jim Pattison  $5.8 B 82 Diversified Canada
Paul Desmarais  $4.5 B 84 finance Canada
James & Arthur Irving  $3.5 B N/A oil Canada
Emanuele (Lino) Saputo  $3.4 B 74 dairy Canada
Jeffrey Skoll  $3.2 B 46 Ebay Canada
David Azrieli & family $3.1 B 88 shopping malls Canada
Bernard (Barry) Sherman  $2.9 B 69 pharmaceuticals Canada
Robert Miller  $2.5 B 65 Retail Canada
Guy Laliberte  $2.5 B 51 Cirque du Soleil Canada
Clayton Riddell  $2.5 B 73 oil & gas Canada
Wallace McCain  $2.3 B 81 food Canada
N. Murray Edwards  $2.2 B 51 oil & gas Canada
Charles Bronfman  $2 B 79 liquor Canada
Daryl Katz  $2 B 49 pharmacies Canada
Mike Lazaridis  $1.9 B 50 Research in Motion Canada
Chip Wilson  $1.9 B 54 Lululemon Canada
David Cheriton  $1.8 B 59 Google Canada
James Balsillie  $1.8 B 50 Research in Motion Canada
Frank Stronach  $1.7 B 78 Auto parts Canada
Jean Coutu  $1.3 B 83 pharmacies Canada
Stephen Jarislowsky  $1.3 B 85 finance Canada
Gerald Schwartz  $1 B 69 finance Canada

Maybe next year Peter you will make it… Just make some more shortcuts like you did with me and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make the Forbes list.  And, if you are a little stretched right now due to all the donations, I can spare a couple of bucks for you.



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  1. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS – I laughed so hard. I had to read it to my husband. Very funny.

    Comment by Janine — March 21, 2011 @ 9:32 pm | Reply

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