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March 17, 2011

Mattamy – OMB!! – we don’t need no stinkin’ OMB

Just to start off – Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone – may today be better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow……

Funny how things come about in political land.  In my case, a complaint about Mattamy illegally (code) wiring my house disappeared and Wellspring gained a donation for then Mayor Ann Mulvale’s pet project.  Mattamy pulled all stops to fight the “Development Charges” in Halton and lost the battle.  Later, Mattamy got some reductions and the new Oakville Hospital got a $10million donation.  Funny how these things just happen.  Obviously just a coincidence.

Out Pickering way, Mattamy was to build a subdivision of 64 townhouses – something the Ontario Municipal Board approved after the City and Mattamy reached some agreement.  Well, the Planning and Development Committee did a turn-around and OK’d a change in this plan, even though the planning staff say this contradicts both the “City’s and Durham Region’s plans for Duffin Heights”.  The Committee have said that Mattamy can now build 49 detached homes.  This new plan will address a totally different population base and not address the sustainability of the neighbourhood. 

So much for planning.

From the article:

Duffin Heights is intended as a sustainable, transit-friendly neighbourhood along Brock Road in central Pickering. Mattamy is one of a number of developers building in the area.

Pickering planning staff felt the change will result in a less sustainable subdivision design than the previous plans.

“We are not endorsing this,” said planning and development director Neil Carroll.

Why do we hire planning staff if we are not going to follow their advice?

Now, not all Councillors are dancing to the Mattamy tune.

Ward 2 Regional Councillor Bill McLean noted that out of those townhomes, only six remain unsold. “I can’t believe that this report is in front of us,” he said. He said approving the plan sets a bad precedent for other developers in the area. “Let’s not open up that flood gate,” he said. “Let’s not open up those doors.”


Ward 1 Regional Councillor Jennifer O’Connell suggested the problem is not Pickering’s townhouse market, but perhaps that the townhomes are not at the profit level Mattamy is used to. She added townhouses in Pickering are essential for affordable housing. “I’m so frustrated with this to no end,” she said.

Well, I’ve seen how Mattamy operates in Oakville, tries to operate in Ottawa (sells homes without any permits) and, has questionable engineering expertise in the Bracebridge area.  Here we have Mattamy changing sub-division plans like we change our underwear.  Why have due process when a developer can just turn around and say what they want and build what they want?

This one quote sums it all up I think:

Coun. O’Connell asked which councillors’ 2010 municipal election campaigns Mattamy contributed to, but the City clerk ruled the question out of order.

Deja vu – Yes, I remember not having my complaint settled and we do know that Mattamy did donate money to Mayor Ann Mulvale’s campaign and did support her recent try at getting re-elected. 

Do you think if I donated 10 bucks I could get some action?


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