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March 15, 2011

TARION – proposed guidelines not “buyer” friendly.


I think this is important for all those contemplating the purchase of a home.  TARION – for some a swear word but, unfortunately a builder dominated organization that professes to look after the concerns of a home buyer. 

Generally speaking I guess.

The below was on a forum and published by the Halton Home Inspector regarding changes to the TARION guidelines.  As you will see, they are NOT “BUYER” FRIENDLY.

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TARION has a group of builders who are proposing some changes to the Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG) that builders are required to follow. See the link below.

While a few of the proposed changes are helpful for new home owners, many more of the changes reduce your protection, dilute your protection, and in some cases, they have actually written new rules that directly contravene the Ontario Building Code.

The New Home Warranty Act in Ontario requires that Builders build new homes to a minimal standard called the Ontario Building Code (OBC). So, if Tarion is writing new rules that differ in performance from the OBC, then in my opinion, they have chosen to deliberatly create confusion for new home owners.

New Home Owners have been lead to believe that Tarion offers “Piece of mind” and “built in protection” but how is that the case when this corporation is set up to favour and make excuses for Builders and poor quality workmanship.

Here is my point. What does the word “generally” mean ?? If I say that I “generally” do something, then do I always do it ? The answer is NO. So, if I generally do something, I may do it most of the time, but sometimes I may not.

Well, now Tarion, in all their Builder favouring wisdom has decided that
YOU should have less warranty protection by riddling their rules with vague words and phrases that provide builders a large platform for excuses and double-talk.

Here are some examples,

Now – your lot / property, shall be graded so that water does not [/b]generally[/b] accumulate adjacent to the building. The old rule was more precise and much better for you. It simply states that – “The site shall be graded so that water does not accumulate at or near the building.”

Now – foundation wall-leak say – “only trickling water leakage is warranted.”

Now – contrary to the OBC – Basement floors are “generally” sloped towards basement floor drains, not sloped towards the floor drain as required by the OBC.

Now – cracks in the brick mortar under 2mm wide will be considered acceptable and their lame excuse talks about mortar shrinkage.

A majority of the people involved in these changes represent builders interests. Unfortunately Tarion is only required to follow their own rules and regulations but there is no one within the corporation to protect your interests. However, the OBC trumps Tarion’s rules.

It’s more important today then at any other time that people protect themselves by learning as much as possible about their rights and their homes.

In the past two years alone, during inspections, I have found thousands of code violations, thousands of missing details, thousands of cases of poor quality work and defects. Hundreds a health safety issues and serious fire hazards. Builders are still rushing to complete whole phases of homes while often employing overworked labourers that often have little time for quality and the finesse required to do many jobs properly.

Even with these unfortunate changes to Tarions guidelines, some warranty issues can still be written in a way that compels the builder to fix issues.


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As if there aren’t enough loopholes to shaft the buyer.  Not an issue with a reputable builder but, as you have seen by examples on my blog, not all builders operate at a high level of ethics.



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  1. Tarion susks. They didnt help us either.
    Read my blog http://julesoille.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/tarion-dodges-responsibility-to-pay-claims-for-condos/

    Comment by Jules Oille — August 12, 2011 @ 9:43 am | Reply

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