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March 14, 2011

Holmes and Mattamy don’t mix in Calgary.


Mike Holmes – you either love him or hate him I guess.  Most know Holmes from his on-going stint on HGTV and the promotion of “building homes right”.   He also has a “House Inspection” wing under his umbrella as well.  Yes, he might be getting business with people thinking he might show up but, through this aspect of his empire, he wants to ensure people get what they pay for and he has the organization to help out.

In building a house, one important step is to ensure you have the right trades working in harmony with each other in order to ensure a high quality house for you.  Mike Holmes has set up an educational foundation to make this possible.

“The mission of The Holmes Foundation is to ensure that all residential renovation and construction in Canada is done right–the first time. 

 The Holmes Foundation will do this by partnering with schools, businesses and governments to raise the profile and reputation of all skilled trades in Canada, using Mike Holmes’ reputation to encourage young people to pursue careers in the skilled trades and to encourage employers to hire them.”

So, here we have someone who is putting his name on a product that strives for quality.  I recently saw a Tweet regarding housing in the Calgary area.  He has a segment of his organization called “Holmes Approved Homes“.

His organization works with local reputable builders to “ensure you get a “high-quality, durable and sustainable house”.  His target is to ensure your home is built right from the ground up so that you move into the house of your dreams, not the horror house some of us have lived through.

Very high ideals and it will be interesting to see if this succeeds.

In Calgary, Avalon,Greenboro, Lifestyle and Taradar are putting the Holmes label on their homes and are working together with him in this project.  As a fairly new home builder in Calgary, I would have thought Mattamy would have opted into this program.  Based on the Mattamy ads, they too expect to build quality products.  I guess not as high quality as those I have listed and aren’t eligible for inclusion in the project.  Based on past performance, I kind of expect this.



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