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March 13, 2011

Mattamy – buying one could give you a shock!!!


Came across a video today that reminded me a lot of Mattamy.  In the video – I must say it is not a Mattamy home and is actually a resale but, the description of the electrical hookup for the two garage door openers was certainly deja vu for me in terms of my first day in my Mattamy home.

In the video you will see a trail of wiring from the two garage door openers, out of the garage, along fences and into a back room of the house and feeding power to the garage door from a light socket wired to a switch.  In my case, during the PDI and the move-in, my furnace was hooked up in a similar manner.  The normal in-door wiring was stretched across the joists in the basement and through a hole in the basement wall.  Laid across a walkway, it entered the house next door.  As the house next door was locked, I really can’t say how the power was hooked up but, the furnace worked.  Of course, nothing else electrical in my new house worked.

Watching the video certainly shows why one should hire a house inspector for a resale house.  God only knows what has gone on inside the building. 

Some people say no house inspector is needed for a new house.  Well, when Mattamy sells homes with illegally (code) wired furnaces, putting children at risk, along with pedestrians on the walkway, one should see why you need to hire a house inspector for a new house.

God only knows what you will find inside a newly built house.  Mattamy or otherwise.




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