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March 2, 2011

Will Monarch quality survive a buyout by Mattamy – doubt it.


Back in April, 2009, there was the following comment made in a forum:

“Friends of mine bought from Monarch in Caledon a few months ago on opening day. They and all the the other buyers were just informed at a seminar this past week that due to the economy Monarch was now offering what amounts to rebates. They all had the choice of taking $15,000 of their purchase price or getting $18,000 in upgrades. My friends took the upgrades as they had already gotten that amount in upgrades added to their purchase price. So they now get to knock $18,000 off their purchase price and have all the upgrades still they had previously chosen.

I thought this was pretty good as the builder was under no obligation to do this for any of these buyers who had already bought firm. Smile

A number of responses but, they tended to revolve around the following: “I doubt you’d ever see a gesture like that from Mattamy lol.” and, “Thanks to God if Mattamy would like to pay a little more attention to their workmanship.”

If you are aware of the issues with Mattamy, the above statements are hardly new and, it is a shame that Mattamy is trying to buy Monarch.  I doubt if you will see the same level of quality and customer service that Monarch took for granted.  If the sale does go through, I can see a lot of Monarch executives leaving as they would not be able to work under the Mattamy formula.

At the moment, I am helping to tear out a Mattamy built shower stall.  I understand that originally there was a leak (showed through kitchen ceiling) and Mattamy did quickly attend and fix the problem.  They should have dug deeper as the issue was more than just a leaking tile shower floor.  Over time, the small leak under the glass door has rotted the support 2X4’s to the point where they were close to collapse due to dry rot.  So, if you have your Mattamy shower fixed for a leak, have someone knowledgeable take a closer look to see if there is more of a problem.  Otherwise, it will be off warranty and your problem.

I’d hate to be buying a Monarch home right now, knowing that Mattamy might take over.  I’d be tempted to write it into the contract that if it happens, you have the option of bailing out.  Of course, maybe Mattamy will just change their name to Monarch and thus solve their quality issues.

Cheaper than actually doing it right in the first place.



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  1. I believe I left that comment your quoting and my friends have been in their Monarch home in Caledon’s Strawberry Fields since last summer. They are still enjoying the new home and Monarch’s after service. This is the first I heard of Mattamy looking to buy Monarch, would be a shame in my opionion if it ever happened.

    Comment by Donna — March 3, 2011 @ 10:50 pm | Reply

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