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February 25, 2011

Who do you trust – Not the Municipal Inspector


You read something like this and one asks:  Will it ever change?.

“Some days I dispair, and this is one of them. I continually see significant deficiencies and report on these during my inspections. I had calls from three clients this week about problems with getting the builders to resolve issues as reported. In all three cases, I had to suggest that the home owners talk to the city’s building inspectors. Why? The builder response in each case was that the city “approved” the construction, therefore there was no problems. “Approval” apparently means that the building inspectors didn’t catch the deficiencies. Sort of like saying the police approve of speeding because you weren’t caught speeding.”

That was posted by a professional house inspector in a forum that speaks of builders, Mattamy included.  I see things have not changed.

In my own case, I attended my PDI, which was accomplished in a house without electrical power.  I noted the furnace was working and a permit affixed from the Town of Oakville stating the furnace was alright.  Yes, it was working but it was wired to a locked house next door via a piece of cable (not armoured and intended for inside use only) that stretched from the furnace, through a hole in the basement, across a walkway and into the other house via a hole. 

Only positive thing was that I wasn’t paying for the electricity to run the furnace.  I don’t know – is that theft?  Should have started up a grow-op with the free power.  🙂

Anyways, when I brought it to the attention of the Mattamy rep, he told me it was legal and pointed to the permit.  Yeah, right.  Unfortunately, I knew it was illegal under the code but, I’m not a professional electrician and therefore who will listen to me.

The Building department director later, in writing, informed me it was not legal and he would not allow a house to get an occupancy permit under these circumstances.  But, Mattamy did manage to get the sale approved.

So, just because there is a permit or the “Municipal Inspectors” say it is right, doesn’t mean it is right.  That is why you need someone on your side like a house inspector.  They may not get things changed but, when it comes to legal recourse, you will have more weight on your side and maybe, just maybe, you will win.

I could claim that the municipal inspectors were taking a little “mordida” but, unless it is either with video, audio or eye-witness, hard to prove.  Although, on some forums, there are contractors who have come out and stated there is some going on.  Why a house would be given the OK in that condition leads one to wonder why. 

Who knows? 

But then, Mattamy and Peter Gilgan did donate money to Wellspring while the investigation was going on.  But, donations aren’t illegal are they.

So, make sure you document everything, have a house inspector and a good knowledgeable lawyer so that when something happens, you have documented fact to fall back on and the boys (& girls) who know how to use it. 

Unless the judge is also in on it, you might stand a chance to ensure no loss to yourself.

Don’t count on the municipal inspectors to look after you.  Your house may not even get inspected – just the floor plans.



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