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February 10, 2011

CSI – not just fingerprints & epithelios


The height of irony is you buy a Mattamy resale, or for that matter, any resale and, decide a few things need to be done to bring it up to snuff.  Call in the contractors and, after a while, you not only find their work less than professional but, they were the ones who did the original job.  Yes, enough to cause anyone to start a slow burn.

Well, there appears to be some help, other than the usual route of government agencies or lawyers, both of which are time-consuming and expensive.

Just read an article in the Toronto Star titled: ” Ex-cop nails the bad guys in the construction industry”.  After reading this article you might want to look at these other Ian Harvey articles titled: “The Money Pit: When a Reno Goes Wrong” and another one with sage advice titled: “Before picking up a hammer, pick up a pencil”.

If you are too late in reading these last two, then definitely read the first as it will give you insight into a company called, Construction Investigative Services (CSI), a company operated by Greg Stevens, someone with police and construction experience.

CSI will investigate the complaint and ascertain who is at fault for the problem.  And yes, as the customer, you might find yourself having to shoulder some of the blame if you haven’t done due diligence or tried shortcuts.  But, in the end, a report will be filed and instead of bringing in a flood of expensive lawyers, a mediation service will be performed.  Hopefully, based on the evidence presented, the parties will assume their share of the blame and act accordingly.  You will be given an estimate of billing hours and other costs prior to the investigation being started so that you are aware of how much you will be charged.

And, to top it off, there is a construction website called: Firefighters For Hire.  It is also mentioned in a Toronto Star article.  Of course, they can’t guarantee you get one of the firefighters from the latest calendar.

So, if you have some issues with your home, the above mentioned resources are readily available to you.  A little more research will probably give you more options.

But remember – to minimize having to hire outside contractors for your home due to initial errors in construction, hire a professional house inspector and reduce the stress in your life.  No matter the reputation of the builder.  Just look at those poor people in Bracebridge with the Mattamy leakers.


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