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February 9, 2011

Quality – Is it Mattamy or the Trades who are ultimately responsible?


Unless you can be your own contractor, it is normal for most people to go through a builder to get their home built.  It can be the normal Mattamy style tract house or a custom build.  No matter who it is, it is one person responsible for building and selling you the house.  They will either have their own in-house construction crew or they will sub-contract to various trades to get the house built.

But, it is the builder in the end who is responsible for what you get.

I was just reading a thread in a local forum and it seems that some are having moisture problems in the house – condensation on the windows and some had resulting mould.  Some made comment about the crappy build  that Mattamy had done – windows, etc. 

Now, there can be a plethora of reasons for condensation in the house.  From being sealed too tightly to cooking too much and generating steam and having the humidifier up too high.  As well, crappy low quality windows and poor window sealing can contribute to the overall problem.  Not necessarily a Mattamy issue.  But, in this case, the people live in Mattamy homes.  And, it was noted, some had lived in other homes and had no problems.  Seems though, that a couple of parties were upset about what they felt was Mattamy bashing.  Fair comment but in the end, the people had issues with Mattamy.

As one person noted:

“Let’s not forget who we bought our home from “MATTAMY”, so in response to XXXXXXX & XXXX, that’s the person I would be laying blame on as well.

Mattamy rep’s countine to pass everything off to the “trade’s” they say, it has nothing to do with us” they say. Sorry Mattamy we didn’t buy our home from the “trades”. It’s Mattamy’s responsibility to ensure the trades are doing the highest level of work to ensure we get what we are promised, good quaility homes.

If it’s not the window’s its something else. Mattamy’s quaility is overall very poor. In many of cases the home owner’s do what they told to do, and still its not enough.”


Yes, who do you complain to? 

With my problems, I asked for the information on the trades and that myself and my lawyer would deal directly with them.  I was told they don’t hand out that information.  So, if they won’t tell you who to contact with the trades then I’m sorry Mattamy, but you have to take responsibility for not ensuring the “Trades” under your control did the job professionally.  Why they did not do the jobs correctly leads one to ask why and we’ve mentioned a few reasons in earlier blogs.

And, if you are lucky to get Tarion to work for you, it is the builder not the trades whom they will ask to respond to your issue.  So, if you have a problem with a Mattamy or other builder’s build quality, then they have to take responsibility and can’t pass it to the trades.  Unless they want to give you all the contact info so your lawyer can deal with them direct.

And condensation on the windows – make sure you check a few things before blaming the builder.  You don’t want to waste time blaming them when it turns out you’ve been boiling spaghetti too often.

And, from my Twitters feed:

RT @atinyshift: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ” Nelson Mandela


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