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February 9, 2011

Mattamy Homes don’t flood – just like Titanic!!!!


Like, anyone would be surprised to hear this?


Council wants proof on Mattamy drainage


That was the headline on the article in CottageCountryNow.ca .  “Last week, the town’s general committee turned down a recommendation by its own public works department that would have seen the town return nearly $1 million in securities to Clearbrook Building Corp., a subsidiary of Mattamy.”

Things are getting so bad in terms of quality, Mattamy Homes is building homes using an “alias” maybe.  In an earlier blog, I told the story of those misfortunate people who bought Mattamy homes in the Bracebridge area, some admitting to relying on past building performance by Mattamy to ensure them a well-built home. 

Guess they didn’t read my blog before buying.

Seems that quite a few people ended up with flooded lots and basements and had to organize themselves in order to get the town and Mattamy to respond.  Well, the town decided to hold Mattamy responsible and, as you see, demanded and got $1million in securities put up to guarantee that the homebuyers and taxpayer were not being left to hold the bag.  Or in this case – the sponge.

Flooding troubles in the Mattamy Homes subdivision are a thing of the past, according to the developer, but the Town of Bracebridge isn’t prepared to pay up until they see the proof.”

A very wise decision, although the mayor, Graydon Smith and the public works department are not recommending this. 

“The system has already been inspected by engineers and found to be in working order, said Smith, and he questioned how council could properly determine whether the system works or not.”

Yes, the former Mayor of Oakville and her building department felt it wasn’t wrong when Mattamy sold me my house with the illegal (code) wiring.  Deja vu!!!  Did Mattamy donate anything to any special project I wonder?

Well, here we have a company who has a past history of illegal land transformation in Ottawa and building on contaminated soil in Milton so, I am glad to see the Bracebridge council telling them that they will wait until the spring thaw arrives before deciding.  Then, the proof will be in the pudding. 

I think the Mayor, Mr. Smith is thinking like Captain Smith and owners of the Titanic when they decided not to put on the proper number of lifeboats and took a chance.  Yes, all the engineers then told them the Titanic was unsinkable.  Are the engineers now telling them that Mattamy land in Bracebridge cannot flood?

I can see it now.  Instead of busing hundreds of workers to Halton council to try to persuade (?) politicians not to charge them fair development fees, we might see hoards of Mattamy workers streaming north on Highway 400 with buckets to ensure the basements don’t flood.

Kudos to the Bracebridge Council who are going to let nature take her course and see if Mattamy can withstand the spring thaw or, be washed down the drain – alias and all.

And, I’m glad to see they are supporting the owners of these properties as well who bought in good faith.  Nice to see a Town Council look after the taxpayer instead of a billionaire and his money.


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