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January 30, 2011

Edgemere Estate – Going, Going, almost gone.


In this blog I have written about Peter Gilgan’s (Mattamy Homes) Edgemere Estate located at 1502 Lakeshore Road East in Oakville.  Or, should I say former estate as it was sold for $35 million to developer  Mark Hewitt.  He will build 30 housing units on the property.

Yesterday, while driving around looking to buy an area rug to help insulate the cold Mattamy built family room over the garage, I noticed that the front gate of the Estate was open and a sign stating that the presentation centre was open. 

To me that is an invite.

Always wanted to show the wife a $35 million shack so, we drove in and cruised by the house on the driveway. 

Veeeerrry nice. 

I wanted to go in but in all fairness to the sales person on-site, I didn’t want to waste their time if they thought I could actually buy a condo starting at $2.7 million.  Maybe 1.5. 😉

There is a sign on the outside wall stating that construction will start in Spring 2011.  So, if you want to see what $35 million will buy you, you might want to hurry over and see the joint before this 15-year-old estate gets trashed.  I know a few guys that will come over if they have to break any kind of lease.

Tell them at the presentation centre that I sent you.  They might give you a deal for me mentioning their presentation centre. 

Like a free area rug.


Regarding Edgemere Estates.. Not are all happy about what is happening down that end of Oakville.  Here are a couple of comments I found:

  1. Tom Brown said at April 23rd, 2008 at 11:58 amTearing down a 1900’s Lakeshore Estate to put up 10 apartment flats? I thought this was a joke at first. But it wasntIf Oakville allows this nonsense to go through they will basically be saying we dont care about the rich history of Oakville, and we let developers do whatever they want.
  2. Eva Mickova said at January 25th, 2010 at 4:34 pmMr. Hewitt,
    Edgemere Estata is a unique, elegant, tasteful and stylish historical residence.
    Unlike, as the plan for your new condominium(one look at the web)demonstrates it has nothing of the above qualities. It is sad that people with money and so little taste and style have the power to destroy a beautiful historical object with only one aim: to make more money!!!
    Hope you still have time and conscience to change your abominable plan. I am also suprised that Oakville Townhall does not have objections and the power to prohibit your outrageous ideas?!

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