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January 25, 2011

Mattamy may offer cold storage upgrade on their houses.


Winter is the best time to figure out where all the drafts are coming from. You don’t really need any fancy equipment – you’ll usually feel it.  But, if your house inspector has access to an infrared camera, it will really point out those areas that need attention – especially behind the walls.

We’ve seen where some Mattamy homes suffer from roaming insulation in the attic and it seems that Mattamy expects you to corral the problem yourself. For those who have owned more than one house, did anyone ever tell you to check the attic for drifting insulation? I doubt it, except for Mattamy.

We have the old family room over the garage situation where you do feel the cold. Seems in our climate a builder is yet to come up with a solution that will ensure rooms over garages are warmer than they usually are. We can insulate a space capsule to the rigours of outer space but can’t do anything with a floor above a garage.

Read a thread in a forum and here are some things to check if you have the situation:

1: Blocked heating vents (you’d be surprised what the trades will leave in the vents).  Hopefully some duct cleaning will work.

2: Is the damper closed on the vent – check both the one you can see at floor level as well as the one inside the vent and back a bit.  And, take the advice of one person – be careful sticking your hand down the vent – some edges are sharp.

3: Before they drywall your garage, make sure they put in the insulation, especially in the garage ceiling.  Maybe look at getting some put in the outside walls of the garage as well. Mattamy pooh poohed that idea but I think it would have helped me to keep the room above the garage warm.  I was even willing to pay for it.  But then, we know Mattamy is the expert in these matters. LOL

4: Better sealing on the garage exterior door.  A rubber seal on the bottom and maybe strips along the outside edges to prevent the wind blowing in the garage.  You can get the outside seals to match the paint.

5: If the floor is not carpeted, think area rugs to help out.

6:  One person had a cold room and bow windows.  When we had our window changed, it was noted there was no insulation in the bottom of the bay window.  This could be a problem with these larger windows and unusual spacing underneath.  If you feel this is a problem, expect the builder to demand payment if there is in fact insulation if they come and check it.  I know Mattamy will.  Kind of like rolling the dice on this one.

7:  When all else fails, consider renting out the room as cold storage.  Your rent will offset the heating bills.

8:  This one is thanks to Halton Home Inspection Service.  Sometimes the builder, and I understand this is the case with Mattamy,  do not always caulk the windows.  Check your windows during the PDI or before to ensure all is properly sealed.  And make sure the orifices made for equipment are sealed or you will become a local hangout for mice, etc.

No caulking on window


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