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January 18, 2011

Do “Mad Men” writers think up Mattamy ad copy?


“We hope there will never be a single moment throughout your purchase relationship with Mattamy Homes when you are feeling left out of the process or suffering from a shortage of information.

It has always been our objective to find new and better ways to serve the needs of our homeowners. Your Customer Care Coordinator can assist you throughout the construction process and can also direct you to the right person to call. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.”

I found this quote on the Mattamy website for their Jacksonville operation.   A quick check showed it at the websites representing other operations.  You’d think that this piece was written by the same writers as used on the “Mad Men” series.  Based on what I have seen in regards to problems with Mattamy, this statement has little to do with the reality of the Mattamy home buying experience. 

For those who got shafted in Ottawa (Kanata Fairwinds) I would think they certainly suffered “from a shortage of information”.  And, in the next blog, I’ll show you where contacting the “Customer Care Coordinator” isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.  You’d be surprised what level of BS they will give you in order to escape their responsibility of giving you a well-built home.
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Am I too harsh on Mattamy?

Hey, the proof is in the pudding.  I think I’ve shown enough complaints over the years to show that the ad copy in the website bears little resemblance to what is really going on.

They certainly found a new and better way to serve the needs of this homeowner.  Too bad it included illegal (code) wiring.  I’d hate to think what other things they have dreamed up that have been missed.

Remember, get a house inspector – at least he’s on your side.

P.S.  In regards to “Fairwinds” – an interesting name for a development that got totally “blown” out of the water – no fair winds there.


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