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January 4, 2011

Don’t get a buzz out of your new home!!!!


Rob Parker, who does a “Closer Look” column in the Homes-Extra section of the newspaper, recently wrote an article called, “Safety First“.  It was about electrical safety within the home and was stimulated by a report by the Electrical Safety Authority that 33% of residential fires reported by the Ontario Fire Marshal was associated with electrical equipment and wiring.

Electricity is something we all take for granted and most people have very little to do with it in terms of maintenance, except for changing light bulbs.  Some will venture into replacing old or tacky looking light fixtures and, a few homeowners may even do electrical wiring for new areas such as recreational rooms.  I know I did my own wiring in my first home but, I made sure a Hydro inspector came out and gave his stamp of approval on my work.  Not only to please the Insurance Gods but also to give me peace of mind that I did it right.

As a home owner you can buy electrical testers that you can plug in and see if the wiring is correctly grounded etc – something some people will do on the PDI.

You’d think in a new home that has been inspected etc, you’d not really have to worry.

Dream on. 

Not all homes have received the inspection prior to you moving in.  My house didn’t even have electrical power, except for that illegal (code) wiring I have told you about going to my furnace.  You will have read other reports about electrical problems in homes, including those built by Mattamy.  I even have one wall switch that does absolutely nothing.  Not sure if that was a free Mattamy upgrade courtesy of Peter Gilgan

You’ll also notice issues in some Mattamy homes where the cutouts for electrical junction boxes were less than desirable with wires cut, etc.

So, make sure your house inspector knows his electrical business and can take a look for you.  Something not really appropriate on the PDI but certainly worth a check on the 30 day or 1 year inspection.

Don’t be part of the 33% who have had electrical issues.

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