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December 27, 2010

Mattamy – have you really learned anything at all?


As we approach the end of the year, we see on the TV and in the newspapers different articles telling of the year gone past – deaths, trends, births, etc.  In our own lives, we probably also take a moment to reflect on our past year and maybe on how to better the upcoming year.

Something you’d think Mattamy would practice if they wanted to better their company and treat homebuyers with more respect and consideration.

At one forum, which starts out discussing the Spirit townhome and eventually expands to talk about the trades and then closing dates, you really get the impression Mattamy has learned nothing over the past few years.

There is discussion that Mattamy blames trade shortage on delayed closing dates.  But some wonder why other builders don’t suffer this trade shortage.  According to some, it is the way Mattamy treats the trades.  None want to work for them.   Of course, that begs the question – if the goods ones don’t want to work with Mattamy, just who is?

The discussion then moves onto another reason for delay.  According to one source it is because they do not have all the permits in the Orleans area.  NO PERMITS!!!!  Shades of Kanata Fairwinds all over.  Why can a company go out and sell homes without permits to build them.  I’d be putting something in my offer to purchase to protect my butt on that one I can tell you.  It is dishonest and flim flam sales tactics to try and sell homes you are not at that point legally able to build.

All it takes is an environmental concern (remember, Mattamy was convicted of illegal environmental tampering) or some other reason to totally blow your future home out of the water and what do you get – you money back without interest.  Hey, a couple of months, not bad but those in Fairwinds waited a couple of years. 

“Just an additional point – it’s the law in Ontario that allows builders to sell homes to consumers when they only have draft approval from the city. Some builders (like Mattamy and many others in Ottawa) choose to sell at this point. Other builders (like Urbandale and many others) seem to wait until they have final subdivision approval before opening up a new phase to consumers. So until the Ontario government amends the law to protect consumers, it’s important to call the city and ask about the approvals for your phase before you sign your purchase agreement. It’s not so much a problem with the City as it is with the law in Ontario. ”  

This quote was answered by one forum member.  As you can see, some builders just play the game while others don’t.  But it is a dangerous game with serious consequences to the homebuyer.  I tried to get the government to change the law regarding home inspector and allow you to put it into the purchase agreement.  They said no, it would cost the homeowner money.  Yeah, what else is new.  So, I doubt if they will protect homebuyers by changing this law.  Might cost the homebuyer money because they will buy a home.

And, if you take the chance and get screwed, make sure you are aware of your legal avenues under Tarion.  Here is the link concerning delay rules.

Good luck in the New Year.  Make sure you have learned your rights over the past year.  Obviously builders like Mattamy haven’t learned anything.

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  1. Our elected MPP’ and MP’s should realize that we spend our whole life saving for buying house ans these builders take it away in a minute. I will suggest that there should be some other government agency, when you buy a house, 10% of the cost should go to that agency for warranty repairs, when 30 day form is completed, they should transfer 5% to builder and after one year of warranty repairs, builder should get back the rest of the 5% returned, all the warranty repairs should be done by other company, not from builder people because if they were able to do that job, they should do it right first time.

    Our elected leaders should make some laws to regulate this billions $ industry, They should not leave us alone which clearly means protecting builders.

    Comment by Arshad — March 10, 2014 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

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