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December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas all and Happy Holidays


Today, on Christmas Eve, I hope that you are all prepared for the big day tomorrow.  Enjoy the moment and build the positive memories.  Especially for the children.  For those who don’t practice Christmas, Best Wishes and continued prosperity in the coming year.

We all know that there are some who don’t get to enjoy this time of year due to income, family issues and other problems.  Some we can help and unfortunately, some we cannot.  What really bothers me is when large companies do things that affect people’s lives in a negative way in their drive for profit and really don’t seem to care.  Yes, they might make the donations for the press releases but the other things they do daily is what really affects people.

I am repeating my December 29th, 2008 blog as I feel it reflects how one company has affected people over the Christmas season. 

P.S.  Before you read that I want to mention I found the December 24th Mattamy ad rather ironic as I wrote the above prior to seeing the ad.  Titled “Collections & Recollections”, it mentions “recollecting the memories of Christmas past”. Also, “It’s these recollections that make us feel that we are part of something bigger”. 

Yes, for those with the perfect Mattamy house, they will have lots of nice recollections.  For those like those in Ottawa (Kanata Fairwinds) they will recollect two Christmas’ where they were not in their new homes and never would be.  My “recollections” of my first Christmas in my Mattamy home are not filled with “warmth” as Mattamy states they should be.  Too bad Mattamy can’t be brought to task for “truth in advertising“.    But, let us put the past behind us and enjoy this Christmas as it should be.  Below is just a reminder that not all get to do this.


December 29, 2008

Mattamy Homes Christmas – for some, not so great memories

Over the Christmas holidays I am sure that everyone’s lives were affected in some way by the economic downturn and the pressures brought on by a declining job market, a downturn in the housing market and, a feeling of helplessness in what is going to happen.

 I notice in the press though, that Mattamy Homes is going ahead with projects, hiring new executives and seems to have a positive outlook on their future.  I only hope that, based on past performance, they also include the consumer. 

With the economic demands being made, it is a shame for a builder to make promises to close the sale and then leave the consumer hanging with poor quality.  Even during the good times, Mattamy did show a tendency towards not treating all customers correctly.  They either broke the law to make a sale or, put a lot of people through a lot of inconvenience.  Suffice to say, unless you were one of the lucky people to get the basket of flowers, the rest were left to suffer the consequences of poor/illegal construction.

 In Calgary, they are promoting their new developments and in one statement, state: Customers have input because at the end of the day, the only judge is the customer.”  Of course, whether or not Mattamy actually listens to the customer in the end is open to speculation.

 As Mattamy and Peter Gilgan promote the Mattamy built homes, buy the fruit/flower baskets, donate the money to their charities and YMCA remember, all this good fortune they display was built on the backs of a lot of people who were left as litter on the side of the construction roadway.  My previous blogs document the carnage they left in people’s lives.

 Remember to protect yourself and hire a house inspector.  If they refuse to allow you this, question why.  Who ultimately benefits by not allowing a house inspector? 

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  1. Just found your page and have been pouring through it. Own a Mattamy built home in Milton which we closed December last year. And I totally agree with you about Mattamy and Tarion. We are totally disgusted. Was in a Greenpark Home, also in Milton, prior to this and did not have any issues as big and as many as that we have had with Mattamy.

    And through all this Tarion has kept mum about the deficiencies. It hides behind their ‘warranty plan’ which really protects home builders more than they do home buyers. Their rule which they cannot emphasize enough is ‘basic’. As long as there are 4 walls and a roof, no matter how many deficiencies inside the home, if at least one of the toilets work, or there is some semblance of heat or you have enough light so that you don’t stumble in the dark, then you wait until they are ready to ‘fix’ the problems.

    Would you believe they even asked us to fill-out an in-house survey and when we did citing the problems in the hopes we can get them fixed sooner and better, we were bombarded by the trades people and Mattamy staff asking us to re-do our survey so that they can get their bonus pay! And these people even had the audacity to suggest that maybe we were holding out to get something extra like perhaps a backsplash.

    We did not get any upgrades from the builder as experience has told us they charge double than what market prices dictate. And to-date, we have sunk in an additional $100 K on improvements. And they think we are fishing to get something extra??? At one point I had to literally yell at them saying that what we wanted was no more than what we paid for esp. since their own list show the things we were entitled to as part of the overall package we have paid for.

    Why paying to Tarion is obligatory is beyond me. They do squat. They bother you with surveys and 30-day, year-end statutory forms. Yet in the end nothing is done to satisfy the problems. Tarion is another ‘cash cow’ for the powers that be. I’ve even dared to mention this incident to Tarion, but not a peep from them since.

    We are really sorry we bought from Mattamy. Much sorrier that we are obligated to pay to Tarion for nothing. There should be some other way to get the word out there faster and better. But this is a great start. I guess other new home buyers just don’t know their rights or are just not willing to fight for their rights.

    Comment by Marie Martinez — January 4, 2011 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  2. It appears that Mattamy has not changed its spots. Your letter only shows why a house inspector can be such a good investment. You can’t always depend on Mattamy and Tarion to come through and if you have to go legal, a professional house inspector can certainly give the ammunition to your lawyer. From my experience, the local and provincial government really don’t want help out that much either. Their excuse for not putting in legislation that a homeowner can put a house inspector in the purchase agreement of a new house – it might cost the homebuyer money!!! Like, what happened to this person won’t cost them money? I appreciate the time you took to write your experiences and I hope that those who read it get an insight into what the real world is like in buying a house. Not the advertised world of Mattamy.

    Comment by oakvillehomes — January 4, 2011 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

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