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December 23, 2010

Town of Oakville taxpayers get Christmas present


An early Christmas present for the taxpayers of Oakville.  Town council has approved a settlement for the Development Charge debacle whereby developers will pay $18,582 for every single or semi-detached dwelling unit they build in Oakville.  It was to be $21,682 but the Town decided to make the settlement and avoid the estimated $1.4 million in costs that would have occurred if they fought the hordes of Scrooges led by Peter Gilgan and Mattamy.  The environmental damage alone to the Town from Mattamy busing in all their workers from the job sites probably would have caused an increase in hospital visits and massive traffic jams around Town Hall.  For the entire story go to this link.

For those in other jurisdictions, like Milton, where you are experiencing a lot of development, you may want to stiffen the backbone and fight the developers and make them pay their fair share of the infrastructure costs created by their development.  Otherwise, you’ll be seeing a massive increase in your tax base once the local politicians realize how far behind they are in developing the infrastructure.  Have the developers pay now or you pay later.

Better the money stay in your pocket than having the likes of Peter Gilgan build a modest $45 million (reduced to $34 million) palace to showcase his existence in the development community.  I had the good experience of meeting Mr. Harold Shipp – SHIPP homes and he was a very nice gentleman.  Of course, I am not commenting on his role in the recent Mayor Hazel McCallion event.  I noted his own home was not overly extravagant and fit in with the other homes in the area.  It was something most people could dream of living in and actually accomplish it.

So thanks to Mayor Rob Burton and the members of Town council for pushing this through and getting a good deal and, a nice Christmas present for the Oakville taxpayer.

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