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December 21, 2010

Are you still against hiring a house inspector?


So, you’re still not convinced you need a house inspector, especially on a new home.  I mean, just read the ads and you know Mattamy will turn a perfect house over to you or, you feel confident enough to check out the house yourself and note all the ills that might be present.  Just like a doctor treating themselves.

Well, recently, in a forum, some home owners who took the plunge and invested in a house inspector found that by having him on their side it was worth the money, even though in one instance, there seemed to be no issues.  But, they got piece of mind – a valuable commodity when moving into a new house.

Not all homeowners experience the horror stories I have related on my blog and some actually get a house as near to perfect as you can get from a man-made object.  But, like anything, most times things aren’t perfect and it is nice to have someone on YOUR side looking after your interests.

Here are some comments:

“Just wanted to thank Andy whom we used for our 1 year inspection. He is a knowledgebale guy as most people know but the thing I liked about Andy is that he is always accessible even afterwards if I have any questions.

I had an issue with Mattamy where Mattamy did not understand the comment made by Andy regarding my roof issue (requiring a covering on the side of the roof) and did not think Andy was right; So I called Andy and made him talk to the Mattamy supervisor to explain his point. And sure enough, Mattamy admitted that it was a genuine work repair and did the job”

What is important to note here is that the house inspector went to bat against the builder  for the homeowner – something any professional house inspector should do when it comes to justifying their report. 

What was the issue?  Missing flashing??  Do you know anything about flashing, other than when you wear that old trench coat?  I know I didn’t when I bought the house, although I am now more knowledgeable after reading the forums.  But not good enough to argue with the builder.

Example of bad flashing

And, here is a comment from someone with no issues but, they got value.

“I would absolutely like to add my two thumbs up as well!
We hired him after a few of our neighbours recommended him and we don’t regret it at all! We were fortunate not to have any major issues, but his thorough inspection gave us the peace of mind that we needed.

So, if you are thinking of buying a house, really consider a house inspector.  It is money well spent.  Let’s face it.  A builder builds for profit and some do short cuts to make that profit.  I’ve shown how Mattamy has made short cuts in the past to make their money so, even those builders with a good reputation sometimes fail to meet the customers expectations based on the advertising they read.

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