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December 9, 2010

How’s your roof?


I hate to admit this but, my Mattamy roof wasn’t all that bad, considering complaints from others in regards to their roofs.  You’d think a roof was a simple thing to do – bit of framing, some boarding and then some shingles, with some ice dams and metal work around the chimneys etc.  Well, there are some who can’t do this simple task.  I’ve helped put up a roof and it is a lot of hard work – and hot as hell in the summer but if I can do it, surely the construction trade can do it.  A roof can be put on all year round but I understand spring and fall to be the best time – worker comfort and better roof installation.

Followed this link at Hawthorne Village and the person complained about their roof leaking.  Although in the end, they discovered an improperly installed roof instead of shingle failure, there were some others who had experienced premature failure of their Mattamy roofs.  Like 2 years old.  If you read this link you will see that you will experience the proverbial – she said he said, it is the fault of everyone but myself type of excuses when you try to get the roof fixed.

Nice thing about Mattamy is that the money they save on construction with short cuts sometimes gets donated to a good cause.  I hope everyone shafted feels warm and fuzzy to know they didn’t suffer in vain.  And you are helping poor Gilgan get a deserving tax deduction on his over 1 Billion net worth. 

Remember:  If you are within warranty, get on it right away and document.  Make sure your house inspector views the roof (except in winter – too dangerous up there then). 

And, read the following advice from Halton House Inspector – good stuff.

There have been many complaints of asphalt shingle failure long before warranties expired and most homeowners have been dissatisfied with the claims process and results.

Shingle warranties are full of caveats, other requirements, and excuses.

Common caveats will include requirements that the installers use specific nailing patterns that are often not followed exactly. They may specify different cold weather and hot weather installation techniques.

They may also require that the same companies underpayment or eave protection be used.

They will also gripe about attic ventilation being the culprit causing the early failure of the shingles.

In other words, if your looking for a good long list of excuses, then call a shingle manufacturer about prematurely worn shingles.

Another unfortunate reality is that the roofs that are installed on most ( not all ) new homes are installed to a very low standard with low quality products. When the new homes roof is replaced, then you will likely find that most other roofers used better products and better installation techniques.

Better products include – better shingles, proper eave protection, better flashing techniques, and drip edges at the eaves.

Whatever you do, do not call the roofing company that your builder uses.

 And one other thing.  Make sure you get a reputable firm and check around on their quality.  My next door neighbour and I used two different roofers.  He ended up with a leak – appears that the roofer forgot to put in some flashing.  In the end, I think he fixed it himself instead of suffering the flak from the roofer.  At least he is handy.

If you go to this link, which was started regarding 7 year old Mattamy roofs failing, you’ll find there are other problems as well…  Even at this Link re Mattamy roofs.

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