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December 7, 2010

Did the sub-contractor pay to work on your house.


I was at a social function a few days ago and while talking to a small group, the name Mattamy came up.  And, I must admit, not in a positive light, notwithstanding the recent donations.

Well, one of the group is a businessman who specializes in small construction jobs – a true tradesman.  I’ve talked to people about his work and have seen it and I must admit, companies like Mattamy are lucky he has no desire to massage his ego by building a large empire.  He would bring quality to the industry, not like what I have described within this blog.

Anyways, during this conversation amongst this group, it came out that there was a practice within the industry followed by some, but not all builders.  Seems some builders take a percentage of the action of some small companies and if the companies don’t agree – no work for them.  If these companies also work on other jobs, the builder still gets his cut.

When you read my blog titled:

Even the Trades find Mattamy not so good!!!!!!

you kind of get the idea how a builder will treat their sub-contractors.

Based on what I have seen and been told, I have to agree with that spoken at this social meeting – some builders do treat their subcontractors wrong and this only is passed down to the consumer with either higher prices or lower quality.  Next time a grumpy tradesperson comes to your house to fix something, remember he might just be reacting to the fact that he is paying the builder to work there.
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