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December 1, 2010

Even the Trades find Mattamy not so good!!!!!!


A house is put together by a team, working together to produce the best product they can for a customer expecting a certain level of quality in the process.  Without co-operation at all levels, it becomes very difficult to actually achieve this.  A new homebuyer puts down the stated amount, makes decisions on upgrades and other factors and when they move in, they should be able to enjoy the new home with minimal interference. 

Based on what you have read in this blog, you know this isn’t always the case and why I recommend a house inspector be hired to protect your interest.

Why this doesn’t happen is the result of a number of issues.  An ethical builder, who not only treats their customer right but also a builder who treats his sub-contractors in an ethical and honest manner should be able to produce a high quality house.  Unfortunately, sub-contractors who are treated less than honestly have two decisions to make –   do short-cuts to ensure their survival or, go bankrupt.  We’ve seen the results of short cuts.

If you go to this link, you will read a comment from a sub-contractor with a viewpoint on Mattamy’s treatment of those responsible for ensuring your new home is built to a high standard.  It is comment # 8.

I won’t comment on it all but I am disturbed by the comment:

 “I even had the displeasure of sitting down with the VP of construction and he said to my face “He doesn’t care about safety.” I was shocked at this statement”.

Well, based on my experience and what I have seen, I’ve got no problem believing this statement was made.  In my case, as you know, they had no problem with illegal (code) wiring that put my house at risk of a fire and my children’s lives at risk.   They even got a building inspector to OK the wiring so that the house could be sold and later, the former Mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale let the investigation go south.

In Ottawa, they were convicted of building an illegal berm, which could have put people’s property and lives at risk due to flooding.  In Milton, they began construction on land that had recently been fertilized with human waste, putting the construction worker’s lives at risk (they had to go and be tested) and the lives of the neighbours.  Not much consideration in terms of safety.

I was visiting my house building site and observed someone driving a large construction fork-lift.  I would normally have pulled him over for drunk driving after watching him bounce off scaffolding and other objects.  Not a care in the work while he rampaged around the construction site.

And, in regards to personal safety, some Mattamy bully boys approached me and I know I had some fear for my safety.  Fortunately they saw it was better to back off and it wasn’t due to my fine physique 🙂

So, if you want an insight into how some trades are treated by Mattamy and why maybe your house was less than perfect, visit the link.  It is an eye-opener.  Maybe Wikileaks should visit the construction industry and see what is really happening with our money.  I can recommend Mattamy be on the list.

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