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November 28, 2010

So, you want to buy a home…. any home, even a Mattamy.


In today’s Toronto Star, Bob Aaron (real estate lawyer and member of Tarion) mentioned the following quote by Joel Kadish, a fellow real estate lawyer. 

“People typically do more research when they buy a colour TV than when they buy a home”.

Although I probably have to agree, touring the forums show that there are people out there that do research the purchasing of their new home and sometimes to great depth.  But, anything helps and the easier it is to do, the more likely someone is to use it.

In Aaron’s column he mentions some videos prepared by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  They range from information on Personal Injury to Wills, Custody and Spousal support issues.  But, they also did one on “Real Estate”.  For a person looking at buying a house, I think they should take a few moments and watch it.  Good information and you will notice they mention a “house inspector”.

Now, in choosing a lawyer, you should take the same care you would with a house inspector.  You want a professional and knowledgeable person to be your lawyer.  Someone who understands the builders and complex idiosyncracies of real estate law.  Someone who will cut a proposal to the bone and rebuild it to your advantage.  Someone who will not take the standard builder boiler-plate offer that can screw you to the wall.

There are two sources for these videos:  Website version and Youtube version.  Your pick to a better understanding of what you face.

Also in the Saturday Star was a two page ad by Mattamy regarding their “Mattamy on the Boyne” development in Alliston.  They advertised “Riverside Living Starts At Just $199,990”.  Based on their experiences of illegal land reformation in Ottawa and the flooding basements in Bracebridge, I’d be leery of any Mattamy development near water.  More than enough to send me running to watch the aforementioned video to ensure I was protected. 

Directions to sites from Bob Aaron’s column:


The videos quietly made their debut last month on the Law Society’s YouTube channel under the name “YourLawSeries” at www.youtube.com.


The videos are also on the Law Society’s website (www.lsuc.on.ca) under Services for the Public (then click “Your Law” on the left side of the page).
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