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November 25, 2010

Mr. Gilgan – tell us the secret for winning surveys.


Well, the cats out of the bag.  You’ve probably been wondering why Mattamy has done so well in the surveys, especially considering their performance in Ottawa and Bracebridge.  Now, they did scrape bottom in Ottawa in the last survey there but, you kind of wonder why they did so well in the GTA. 

Here’s why:


Hawthorne Village Area.

We recently completed the survey that was given to all new home owners that influences Mattamy’s capability in capturing the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates award for customer satisfaction.

We were told by the Mattamy Rep to answer all the questions and to give them good marks and we would be rewarded.

I guess I was stupid and answered truthfully (therefore giving them a few 5 out of 10’s on some items) as our experience was not perfect. Those people know who they are.

As a result we were not given a “GIFT”. We asked or neighbors and they informed us that if you gave Mattamy 10’s across the board as they were told to and did, that they received a $50 gift certificate to Symposium or some other place.

I guess for the newby’s out there who have not yet filled out the survey if you want Mattamy’s “GIFT” then give them 10’s but if you want Mattamy to better themselves in customer satisfaction and other issues that they lack on, then answer truthfully and join the club of being BLACK LISTED from Mattamy’s “GIFT” receiving.

It was also brought to my attention by a neighbor that two Mattamy personnel rep’s were in the area going door to door offering free services for installation on a variety of items that you may need done to your home, as long as you provided the materials.”


“We were also told the same thing when we moved in….”make sure you give mattamy good marks on the survey, it comes with lots of perks”…….ya so far iv’e got a huge kick in the ass.

I have asked Dominic lots of times for odds and ends with help around the house and like usual a no show from mattamy, this experience has not been nearly as good as it was in our last house.

our one year has recently passed and we still have lists of things to be done and where is mattamy??????????

i recently recieved my next survey…..I’m looking forward to sitting down with this one….”
Kind of makes you think about the surveys.  Take them with a grain of salt.


“It’s for the AVID Ratings.

They know.
They send you a form that is uniquely ID’d with a number and your identity is probably tied to it.

I was asked during my 30-day list to fill it out and I informed them that I already did it online.
His response was “Oh, we didn’t see it come through the system yet”

Then he said “Well they’re easy to do on paper if you want to do another one. You just need to check off all perfect scores””

Wonder why I never got a survey????
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