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November 22, 2010

Mr Gilgan – Have you been nice to everyone?


You may have noticed that I have put some links on my blogroll that will lead you to various forums.  The internet, and specifically the forums, have been a great service to those looking at buying a home.  In the past, you would go and look at the actual home for sale (yes, even new ones were built and put up for sale) or, look at a model home.  Of course, the model home has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Hopefully the builder spends some time ensuring the model home is perfect.  If not, I’d steer away from that builder.  It’s like someone doing their resume on the back of a cocktail napkin.

Other than “word of mouth”, it is hard to really get to know about a builder.  Newspaper articles and advertising are somewhat biased in their outlook.  I have not really read any newspaper articles that slam builders, although there have been some insightful TV shows.

Yes, the forum gives people, you and I, the opportunity to give input about a builder – either negative or positive.  Yes, you must also take them with a grain of salt but, there are real opportunities to judge a builder from the “word of mouth” displayed in a forum.  As well, professionals will give their input on issues and inform the public as to what to expect.  Some are frequented by house inspectors.  The builders may not like this but, they can’t stop it.  Mattamy tried to stop or slow down “house inspectors”, something we learned on a forum. 

Why is that Mattamy?

In one forum recently I read the following: “Man oh man!…not sure the kool-aid all you mattamy home buyers and owners are drinking…But mattamy homes in Milton are built POORLY! PERIOD..”

Now, I think you all know my thoughts on Mattamy but even I couldn’t come out and be this broad in my statements.  There actually are some satisfied customers and well built homes out there in Mattamy land.  But, I think this statement shows the level of frustration someone is feeling in their treatment by Mattamy.  They just don’t express it in a way that will give it some credibility.  This poster was even called a “troll”. 

But, having experienced theMattamy Treatment” I can understand the frustration of this person.

He did get one response though, telling us of a Mattamy experience.  I certainly have empathy for this person and, the “troll”, if they experienced the same, I can understand their frustration. 

Troll the forums and learn from them.  You will see how other people were treated by the builder and gain valuable experience on what to do if faced with similar incidents.  And, you will see that not all people receive the advertised quality experience Mattamy seems so proud of but can’t always deliver.  Just ask those people in Ottawa – Fairwinds.  I think they feel the same way as the “troll”.

The following is one persons Mattamy Experience” and I certainly can’t say every Mattamy owner experiences the same but I can say – there are a lot of us who have.

“yeah, my powder bathroom, water is leaking from the vent area

upstairs bathroom, paint bubbing behind mirror, possibly leaking pipe looks pretty unsightly

tons of nail pops

carpeting near walls not completely lined up properly

veneer peeling on side of stairs

utility room where washer/dryer is, very bad placement of furnace piping. Its placed right in the middle of the room, where there is no space to place washer side by side, was forced to stack, also the plastic sink is now totally inaccessible

cracks forming on near stairs, and niche in living room

theres more, but cant remember them all at the moment.

cant wait to hire a home inspector in 5 months, when my 2nd year warranty form is up on april.”
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