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November 17, 2010

Does Mattamy practice truth in advertising?


I recently read a promotional piece in the Sun Homes-Extra section describing the new Mattamy Homes development in Airdrie, Alberta.

They stated: “Mattamy Homes designs communities both as the builder and the developer, giving great insight into how a community should function.”

They go on to say: “This ensures the community meets the high standards of the master-planned design,” says Norah Latter, marketing manager of Mattamy Homes.”

Well based on their performance in Florida, Bracebridge, Cambridge and Ottawa, I am wondering just how close to the truth these statements really are.  I dread to think that some people will make a decision to buy one of these homes based on this description.  Lauren Barr may work for SunMedia but, I think her content is more Mattamy supplied.

She quotes Norah Latter, a Mattamy Homes marketing manager.  “What makes Windsong great is our approach towards communities,” Latter says.  They are about people first and our designs reflect what will build a great neighbourhood.”

This description certainly would not match the way Mattamy treated the people who entrusted their money in the Fairwinds Kanata Ottawa project.  Illegal berms in the area and selling homes with no permit to proceed.  This is the reality of how they approach “communities”.  Putting in “illegal (code) wiring” is another way they approach communities.

This is a trend they have practiced over the years but, it seems they continue their way by depending on the power of advertising and propaganda.  And building inspectors not doing their job.

With all the donations that Peter Gilgan has made lately, I am wondering if he is trying to make people forget the savage treatment he has put people through or, is he pushing for another “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”.  Maybe trying for the World Title. 

What do you say Peter?  Cat got your tongue?
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  1. “Rapunzel lived in a tower,” O’Regan deadpans.

    “But that tower was in a ghost estate.

    And the builder hadn’t put in any stairs.”

    Comment by the modern Irish version of Rapunzel — November 20, 2010 @ 12:48 am | Reply

  2. Excellent post this will really help me.

    Comment by Deborah Romain — December 4, 2010 @ 12:12 pm | Reply

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