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November 12, 2010

Be careful who you hang around with Jeff – Mattamy does have a rep


In the November 10th “Oakville Beaver” there was an article concerning Councillor Jeff Knoll pushing a petition to condemn Oakville Hydro for purchasing tables to annual dinner parties hosted by the Liberals.  Thus possibly indirectly funding the Liberals.  If true, I guess I’m not too keen on my hydro money going to the Liberals, particularly since they are pushing the smart meter which supposedly will increase my hydro bill, thus possibly creating more money for the Liberals I guess.  Oh, the webs that are weaved.

But, methinks Jeff should be careful.  Those who live in glass houses………..

He, and especially his wife, are heavily involved in the Trafalgar Historical Society, a very worthwhile and productive Society.  But, they don’t seem to mind receiving funding and supplies from Mattamy Homes.  Yes, the very company that had stewardship on two historical properties and let them burn.    And, we know how Mattamy feels about “development charges” and they continue to lobby against them.

I just wonder how Jeff will vote concerning this at council and how the donations to the historical society might influence his views on Mattamy?  Hard to push for donations on one hand and tell the developer no on the other.

Remember that Peter Gilgan donated money to the Oakville Hospital and got a part named after him?  He did the same for the local YMCA and got it named after him.  Interesting thing, but I was informed that he was not the largest donation at the YMCA.    But, part of the donation was that he would get naming rights.  As an aside, I’ve been hearing some things about the “Y”, but that’s another story.

 The larger donation.. he didn’t need his name on the YMCA to know he did good.  His ego doesn’t need constant stroking I guess.  So you see, just because you go for the media trip doesn’t mean you are the best… just the more vocal.

I wonder if he got naming rights on the kitchen cabinets he installed at the historical society?  I know someone who could use a donation for a new toilet…..
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  1. Hello.This article was really interesting, especially since I was looking for thoughts on this matter last Tuesday.

    Comment by Virginia Roldan — December 4, 2010 @ 11:43 am | Reply

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