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October 29, 2010

Gilgan (Mattamy) donates money!!!!!!!


Strange things can happen and pigs can fly I guess.  On October 25th I wrote in my blog that maybe Ann Mulvale should approach Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes and see if she could hit him up for a few million for the new Oakville (Halton Region) Hospital.  I see by the attached link that Peter has decided to donate …. drum role please…….. $10 MILLION to the Oakville Hospital Foundation.

Kudos Mr. Gilgan.

What I find interesting in the article is the fact that,  “Peter Gilgan was unmasked, Thursday, as the mystery man behind a $10 million donation to the Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF“.

I wonder when the original donation was given (prior to the elections??) and why if it was given anonymously, has he now come out and hit the press with this donation?  Who knows but at least the OHF and community will benefit from his generosity.  I just hope there are no strings attached development charge wise.

Of course, I like to think that some of his generosity is a result of the short-cuts his company has made in construction etc that has saved him money and that because he wasn’t fined for the illegal (code) wiring that put my children at risk, the money is going towards these worthwhile causes. 

My only regret is the fact I didn’t know this event was going to happen.  🙂     I did drive by the tent at 3rd Line and Dundas and would have loved to drop in and say hello to Gilgan et al and maybe hand out some of my information pamphlets to ensure the press got both sides of the story. 

Peter, let me know next time so I can put you into my schedule.
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