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October 25, 2010

The People have spoken in Oakville – sorry Mattamy


Well, the People have spoken in Oakville and they have decided that the way things have been going for the last four years is worth supporting and want to let it produce some results, instead of being dashed to pieces by a developer supported council.  Maybe we the taxpayer can see our Town and Region be developed properly with the development community paying their share.  I’m sure Billionaire Gilgan can afford the pay cut, although I am concerned about quality, considering his company allowed illegal wiring in my house when they were making big money.

As you know I wasn’t a fan of Ann Mulvale, especially considering how my complaint regarding Mattamy Homes putting my children at risk was not really handled professionally.

But, I must acknowledge her very successful record of obtaining donations for various projects, even though one was done while my complaint was supposed to be handled.

Mattamy Homes has seen fit recently to donate money:

“The Milton Centre for the Arts fundraising campaign kicked off with a bang following the announcement of its first major sponsor.

Peter Gilgan, founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes, has donated $750,000 to support the centre’s 500-seat threatre, which will be named Mattamy Theatre.”

So, now that Ann Mulvale doesn’t have to worry about being Mayor of the Town of Oakville, maybe she can see fit to put her talents to the raising of money for the new hospital that is being built at Highway 5 and 3rd Line. 

It is not a Oakville hospital but will be a Regional hospital for Halton.  So, since she was so concerned about Mayor Rob Burton’s plan regarding the payment for this hospital, maybe she can put her well honed talents to getting Mattamy to put some money into this hospital.  Seems only fair since Mattamy and other developers made all the development that is putting the pressure on our infrastructure.  He saw fit to give $750,000 to a theatre to get his name on the building.  Maybe Ann can talk to her buddy Gilgan and get him to put a few million of his billion into the new hospital. 

What’s more important to Gilgan – saving lives or good theatre? 

I forgot, his company puts out good ads but does illegal and potentially dangerous wiring and builds on land toxic with human waste. 

Hell, if he does donate, I won’t even complain if he names part of it after himself.  I know which part I would suggest.
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