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October 24, 2010

Monday – “D” day (Developer Day) Who’s side are you on????


Tomorrow is the big day when we find out whether or not Halton, Milton and Oakville are going to be run by the developers or by the taxpayer.  Will Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes get to work on his next billion or, will he and the rest of the developers have to pay their own way?  It’s up to the voter to determine this.

In the Toronto Star they had an article on Milton and those running for Mayor.  Mayor Krantz, self descibed as “an old country boy” is blaming the province for lagging in the enlargement of the local hospital, required due to the large development happening up there.  He is committed to keeping property taxes low, even though he borrows money from Mattamy to build more infrastructure to handle the development Mattamy and other builders are doing.  Hmmm…. won’t the taxpayer have to repay this loan from Mattamy?  The other three are at least asking who is going to pay for all this development with Candidate Gerry Marsh at least coming out and saying they should challenge the developers.  He, at least, believes the infrastructure should be in place for future growth.  I am sure he would support the development charges that have been put in place.

In Oakville, I am sure we are all aware of who supports Mattamy and the developers.  Mulvale isn’t shy about accepting their donations to private causes and even being seen in public with Gilgan during her election campaign.  Kind of obvious who her friends are.

But what about the taxpayer.  Halton pushed for the development charges and the industry fought back.  Especially Mattamy and their busloads.  Who do you want this time around?  Those who fought the developers and won or, those who support the developers making money off the taxpayer.  Developers who break environmental laws meant to protect local citizens (Like Mattamy in Ottawa – illegal berm and in Milton – construction on toxic land)?

Myself, I want to say to my children – I did my part to protect your future. 

 They know how Mattamy put them at risk with the illegal wiring and the Town of Oakville did nothing.  But that was back in the day of “developer run” Halton with Mulvale as Mayor.  I say, let’s give those who went after the developers another 4 years to show their stuff and get us back on the road to prosperity and reasonable taxes.  Only way to do it is to ensure the developer pays their way.  You don’t get to be a billionaire paying your share.  Kind of like the guy who gets you to pick up the coffee all the time coming to work.

If we don’t vote and if we do vote, vote for the developer sponsored group, we have no one but ourselves to blame for the increased taxes for infrastructure, the ruined environment and for the way of life you moved here for in the first place.  Unless, of course, you like Halton to become “Condo Row” like in Toront0.  Maybe flood the property alongside the lake with large condo’s and you can pay for the view. 

Ah yes, no life like it.

P.S.  If you follow this link to the Toronto Star, you’ll see I’m not the only one who thinks this way…..
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