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October 16, 2010

It’s who is behind the throne that really counts. Right Gilgan.

One thing that has been a real sore spot in the GTA and, I am sure, in other jurisdictions around the world, is the amount of control developers have over the community.  Yes, these are people who have to invest a lot of money in land over a long period of time to ensure there is space to build homes and commercial properties.  And, sometimes they invest in land that doesn’t really show promise within their lifetime.  They have to take risks and for those who are successful, they become billionaires like Mattamy’s Peter Gilgan.  Others go bankrupt.

It seems though that some wish to give themselves a better chance of success by investing in the right people.  People who can help them be successful.  In one post we see how this happened.  The full story is at this link.

“So around came Frank Cairo along with his co-worker Susan Murphy.  A very quick back story on Susan Murphy.  She is a lawyer who used to work in the planning department of the City of Ottawa and was involved in the shutting up of a certain city water engineer who raised concerns about the planning in Kanata West.  She subsequently jumped ship from the City of Ottawa and went to work for Mattamy homes and Frank Cairo. “

With the problems in Ottawa, I guess Susan wasn’t overly helpful to the Mattamy group.  But maybe they should have listened to the engineer.  Kind of script that you would see in a thriller movie with the hero trying to tell the world the truth and the corrupt power structure thwarts his/her every move.

In Halton, Mattamy hired  former Halton Chair Peter Pomeroy, who had a small skirmish with the law back in the day.  I guess Mattamy wanted his contacts in the region that would assist them in developing the land.  His “power” was shown to be a hollow tiger when Regional Council told the developers they were going to have to pay their way.  This after the Mulvale era.

Of course, after this statement, I wonder just how good Pomeroy is:

“Certainly a lot of them don’t know why they’re here but I do, and so do their employers,” said former Halton regional chair Peter Pomeroy, who now works on behalf of Mattamy Corporation.

Brings busloads of workers from the construction sites to force Halton Council to stop the development charges and he makes this statement about the depth of perception of the issue by those working for him.  Real good management technique there Peter.

And now we come to “Asphalt Annie“, who is trying a comeback in Oakville as mayor.  She is so aware of her reputation as one of Gilgan’s “boys”,  she has in her campaign literature that she does not accept donations from developers.

“As a campaign policy, Ann Mulvale will not accept donations from companies engaged in the land development.”

As a good politician she understands that is the way the wind is blowing here.  I guess better late than never. 

This from her last election.

Mattamy Homes
2360 Bristol Circle
Oakville, ON L6H 6M5

Of course, this is a pittance in comparison to the amount she secured for Wellspring while investigating my complaint against Mattamy for doing the illegal (code) wiring.  I guess putting children’s lives at risk is small potatoes in the big picture.

Well, sorry Annie, but your reputation as a developer groupie is based on fact I believe.  Even Peter Gilgan kind of likes you.  With the leer he is giving you I’d be a little careful.  God only knows what he will ask of you.  He didn’t get to be a billionaire without without taking advantage of things.  (i.e.  construction on Milton toxic waste land, illegal berms in Ottawa and illegal (code) wiring to name some)

Peter Gilgan leering or gloating behind Mulvale????

And don’t let Mattamy Homes scare you with the old boogeyman story that the developers won’t develop in Oakville if the development rates are left where they are.  Oakville has prime development land and the developers will come.  Maybe they all won’t be able to get to billionaire status so quickly like Gilgan did due to past policies but we are willing to work with them and build a good community.  We’re just asking them to share the costs.  Funny, but it only seems that billionaire Gilgan is putting up the main fuss.  Everyone else just wants to do business.  As you can see, Gilgan is even supporting a mayoral candidate to ensure he gets what he wants.

The rest of us will vote for the community and not our pockets.


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