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October 12, 2010

Brampton Mayor taking heat from developers.


Appears that the developers are complaining now.  Maybe because they aren’t getting their way during the last four years.  In today’s Toronto Star, front page, is an article titled, “Secrecy clouds Brampton mayor’s gala“.  Appears that money raised at this event may not be getting to the people it’s advertised to be supporting. 

People pay $5,000 per table at Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell’s gala.  One developer,  John Cutruzzola, president of Inzola Group gave $25,000 one year at the event.  He also bought a foursome at the golf event as well for another $2000.  And they don’t even get a charitable receipt to write it off on the taxes.  Unless it is considered a business expense?  He stated that the mayor “solicited the money”.  “The developer is put on the spot,” Cutruzzola said.  “He can’t afford to say no to someone who has influence over what he wants or what he needs.”  Hmmmm

Shades of Wellspring here in Oakville.  Who solicited who???

Appears that in Ontario, the Provincial government is trying to reduce sprawl (and thus increasing infrastructure costs) but, according to another article in the Star – “In Halton Hills, Caledon, Vaughan, Pickering and Simcoe County municipalities, developers and some councils want to turn thousands of hectares of agricultural land over to development, even though it’s poorly served by public transit and other infrastructure”.

You notice they don’t mention Oakville.  Seems our PRESENT council has been fighting off the developers and making them pay the freight for their development.  We want them to pay for the cost of infrastructure, unlike how we had to pay for the water pipe to Milton.

When you go to vote October 25th, remember one thing.  Who was the Mayor when the developers run roughshod over the taxpayer and built what they wanted and made us pay for it?  (Asphalt Annie)  

Peter Gilgan (Mattamy Homes) at Mulvale Campaign Launch


Who was the Mayor that fought Mattamy and the developers at Regional Council when Mattamy stripped the construction sites to bring in bus loads of workers to intimidate our elected officials?  (Burton)

Ajax Mayor Steve Parish isn’t too happy about the developers as he feels anti-incumbent fervour may spur support for developer-friendly politicians.  “By and large,” says Parish, “these are conservatives, small-c or capital-C, that believe in an unrestricted free market, which means they believe the development industry should be allowed to do everything they want, which is to sprawl and make the planning decisions instead of elected officials.”

So, if you are pro-development at the cost of the taxpayer, you know who to vote for.  But if you wanted controlled growth with the developers paying their way, then you know who to vote for.  And remember who voted against the developer and for the development charge at Regional Council when voting as well.    They all deserve re-election.
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