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August 23, 2010

What do you think Peter Gilgan?


The Tour de Bleu, which took place August 8th, is a Peter Gilgan sponsored ride for charity.  Pedalling their butts 220 km (Port Carling to Brampton) they will raise $750,000.  Gives you a fuzzy sort of feeling doesn’t it, knowing that someone who owns a company that has shafted many people in terms of quality and code is able to raise such an impressive amount of money for charity.  One swoons at the level of free publicity Mattamy gets.   Even got Olympic rider George Hincapie to help out.

I enjoyed a quote in the article: “Since 1978 Mattamy has aspired to create an enjoyable home buying experience for homeowners….”  According to the latest J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction survey for Ottawa, they aspired to last place.  Need to pedal a little harder there.  Of course, they recently got 2nd place after Tribute in the GTA.

Now, one wonders why there would be such a spread in regards to one company.

1:  Are the trades in the GTA that much better than in Ottawa?

2: Does Mattamy management take more care in the GTA than they do in the Ottawa area?  Do they “aspire to create an enjoyable home buying experience” that much more in the GTA than in Ottawa?

3: Are the homebuyers in the GTA less discerning than those in Ottawa?  Are they willing to accept less quality and therefore give a higher score?

4: Did Mattamy “look after” the J.D. Power survey recipients better in the GTA than Ottawa?

5: Is Mattamy more in tune with the politicians in the GTA than in Ottawa and therefore control more aspects of the quality in terms of code?  I mean, Oakville allowed illegal wiring.

Well Mr. Gilgan, you got your free press and you look good to those who care about such things but, you’ve left a trail of very dissatisfied people along the route who didn’t get what they paid for, nor the quality they expected considering the price of their homes.  I only hope the profit you made by building in less quality helped out those in the charity.  At least they will receive some enjoyment, unlike the shafted homebuyers.
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  1. What do you think about the Inquiry next door ???


    9 Aug 2010 … Ann Mulvale has been a resident of Oakville for the past 38 years. … member with Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS). …

    Comment by Ask Anne What do you think ? — September 22, 2010 @ 7:02 am | Reply

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