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August 11, 2010



I just got back from Las Vegas and had a beautiful time in the place that is an “Adult Disneyland – with sin”.  Weather was perfect and the cab drivers a wealth of knowledge.  No, I didn’t get any tips on how to break the bank, although for a $9 investment I made $24 playing Blackjack at the bar.  What I found out from the cab drivers was the 60% drop in house values some people have suffered.  Hard to imagine buying a house and losing 60%.  Even harder to lose that and have to put up with a builder who can’t put together a decent house.

One way we buy is to research the internet, newspapers and by word of mouth.  Our ability to do this research has grown immensely due to internet access.  Unfortunately, some of the bad builders use hard ball tactics to stop people from recording their negative experiences.  Kind of hard for some poor stiff using all their financial resources to buy a house to fight against a billionaire builder whose plethora of lawyers threaten to bury you in a lawsuit.  I’ve experienced this in the past.

Following some of the forums, I have noticed some forum visitors are complaining that forum administrators are deleting any negative statements concerning builders.  I guess the local builders threaten them with lawsuits and, as they are not making the statements, have to delete to stay alive.  Shame really, as these negative statements can help one determine if they wish to build and take a chance they won’t suffer any poor construction techniques.

One site at www.houselights.com records a persons experiences with a builder.  They have recorded their experiences with photographs and what has happened.  Not all good.  But, for someone looking at buying a home and also hiring a home inspector, it shows the types of problems you should be looking for.  You may be more or less picky than this person but it gives you an idea of what to look for.

One forum, at least, came out and gave the story of why they edit.  I haven’t given the name because I guess he has enough trouble with the builders.

“If Rick wants to allow stuff like that to happen he’s going to have to deal with the legalities surrounding it. That also includes just copying forum topic names

On XXXXXXXXX.ca, 2 users have asked to be removed due to legal issues surrounding their builders, and that’s just this week. Probably about 30 overall in the last 2 years. And that doesn’t include the dozen lawyer letters I personally have received regarding content that users have posted.

This forum is available to anyone with a web browser, including the legal teams of builders and their staff. The internet is not as anonymous as you think.

It may or may not matter to you, but there will be some changes to the site by the end of the year now that I am staffing up the other side of the business.”

A forum administrator would have a problem determining the truth.  So, if you wish to complain about a builder, at least show you have the proof (photographs) and this strengthens the argument that the posting should not be deleted.  You can’t sue the truth.  All my problems were documented, even the illegal activity and it is in the town files.  Make sure you document everything in writing and with photographs to ensure the lawyers can’t start a feeding frenzy on you.

It’s all about facts, truth and documents.  Even for Tarion.  And, a house inspector can help you with the documentation and his credentials can help in the argument, especially if you have to get your own lawyer involved.
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