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August 7, 2010

Mattamy raises more money for charity!!!!


Mattamy Homes is not shy about promoting themselves, both as a home builder and as a donator to the “cause”.  Now, I can certainly show proof that they aren’t that great in home building but, I must admit, Mattamy Homes does donate a lot of money to politicians, charities and other worthwhile causes.

I just read the following in relation to the ” Tour de Bleu“, a copycat of the Tour de France bike ride but, this one is to raise money for the William Osler Cardiovascular Health System at Brampton Civic Hospital.  The Tour is expected to raise $750,000, which will be added to the already raised $1.5 million.

One of the well publicized endeavours of Mattamy.

“Since 1978, Mattamy has aspired to create an enjoyable home buying experience for homeowners with over 50,000 homes in more than 100 communities in Canada and across the U.S.

 According to the company, the Tour de Bleu is an example of Mattamy’s desire to give back to the communities where they build homes.

” It is also part of Peter Gilgan’s personal drive to benefit community health care close to home. 

Well, I am not too sure about the “enjoyable ” part, especially for myself and others who have suffered the less than publicized Mattamy Experience“.  Particularly those trusting souls in the Ottawa area.

Note that this is part of Gilgan’s “personal drive to benefit community health care close to home”.  Yes, his donation to Wellspring certainly helped the local community but, his using illegal (code) wiring in order to sell a house that put my children at risk I guess isn’t part of benefiting the community. 

Ex Mayor Ann Mulvale was more interested in accepting this donation than dealing with the illegal (code) wiring issue and, I don’t think either Mattamy or the inspector received any type of admonishment. The report on this was never seen.   But, Wellspring got the money.  So, I guess the way to keep unpopular building techniques out of the press is to ensure you keep donating the money and making yourself look good.  Kind of tactic the old mafia used as well and, of course, the drug lords in South America have perfected it.

Oh, and for the lawyers that just got a tingle in their missing gonads, I’m not accusing or even suggesting that  Mattamy or Gilgan are part of the Mafia or drug cartels.  Just interesting both use the same techniques – a social observation maybe worth looking into.

Well Peter, on behalf of those in Brampton, I thank you for organizing this event and raising a very impressive amount of money for the cause. 

 Too bad you didn’t put that effort into my house and the houses of those that don’t seem to get any benefit from their donation to your billionaire status. Fortunately my children are still alive to say thank you as well. 

 At least we can say that a small part of our money maybe helped those in need, including you.

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