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August 4, 2010

Mattamy homes being flogged……….


I just noticed something that seems odd to me.  We all know of the Mattamy openings, etc where people will line up overnight to be first in line to choose a house.  We get the impression that Mattamy homes sell immediately and, if you’re not there on opening day, your chances of getting a house are reduced.  I’ve seen them put up ads promoting an area well before the event and it seems everyone rushes off and gets one.

Well, according to this link, they have a supply of homes not sold and are offering them for sale – some for immediate occupancy and others for just down the road.  One bunch in Kanta – Fairwinds North and, the other in Barrhaven – Half Moon Bay

Now, we all know the problems they have had in the Ottawa area and, in the recent J.D. Powers and Associates customer satisfaction survey they bottomed out. Is this listing a result of people bailing out on Mattamy and their problems in the Ottawa area?  Just seems odd they have unsold stock with firm closing dates. 

Well, Mattamy firm and, we all know about their firm dates.  They’ll even do illegal (code) wiring to get under the wire in a closing.  Just ask me or Ann Mulvale.

I’d have a house inspector lined up for these beauties in the Ottawa area, considering the problems they have had and, a good real estate lawyer for closing. 

 Better safe than sorry.
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