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August 3, 2010

Mattamy – found out my home has a clone……


For my Canadian readers, hope you had a great long weekend. For those in the U.S. and beyond, hope your weekend was enjoyable.

I helped my wife at a local craft show (paper toling) and, after the show, we delivered one of her pictures to a client. They actually live in the same model of Mattamy home as we do and it was nice to compare decorating, etc. Nice to see how different ideas can be displayed within the same footprint as your own home, especially with some walls being renovated into a different configuration.

We hit the grand room above the garage, a room that usually elicits positive comments. It was interesting to note they have the same problems though.

I think the problem is universal, no matter who the builder is – a room that is hotter in summer and colder in the winter than the rest of the house that is above a garage.

Now, when I bought our house, I knew this could be a problem and asked that the garage walls be insulated. Mattamy refused, even though I offered to pay for an upgrade. Now, by insulating, you would hope to keep the garage more moderate and therefore help to keep the room above more stable in heat/cold.

No, for some reason, builders have not recognized this as a problem nor taken the  time to figure out how to solve the problem.  In other words, freeze your b*lls off in the winter and don’t complain.  You’re lucky we got the rest of the house right type of attitude.

They have a lovely brick fireplace.  Ours is fieldstone.  Both have the heatilator vents in the stone/brick work. When I bought the house I noticed a very large breeze flowing through the vents.  After a long argument and using a wind gauge, I got Mattamy to fix it.  The fixer – an angry man who did not want to be there fixing it and, the job showed it.  The mortar was, of course, a different colour in the fix job and thus detracts from the appearance.   Our friends, who are second owners, have to tolerate the breeze and, stuff distracting foam plugs into the vents in the winter. 

 I wonder if Peter Gilgan had to do this in his $45 million Edgemere home.  Sorry, he dumped it for $35 million.  Can you imagine taking 1/4 off your asking price in order to get rid of your home.   Maybe the fireplace did leak air and he had to reduce.  🙂   I think I just felt a whole lot of speculators  shudder at the thought.

So, if you like a fireplace and have heatilators, make sure you test it.  Hopefully there is a breeze when your house inspector checks the place.  Funny how builders, Mattamy included, push for this environmental stuff by emphasising upgraded insulation, better insulated windows and then go ahead and put a system into your home that allows a tornado of cold air to flood a room that most people will use most of the time.  So much for eco-consciousness.

Not sure of how you can get your builder to fix the fireplace problem up front or, to insulate a room above a garage so that it is livable?  Obviously the building code doesn’t address it and, from my experience with the Town of Oakville, ex-Mayor Ann Mulvale, Mattamy Homes and the putting of illegal (code) wiring into my home, you won’t have much success from the local building department.

Just hire a building inspector to increase the odds of having a worry free home and put all into your Tarion  report.  You might get somewhere.
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