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July 30, 2010

Who loves ya Mattamy – Not Ottawa!!!!!


Well, the J.D. Power and Associates Customer satisfaction surveys are coming in.  And no real surprises there.

According to Adrian Chung, senior manager at J.D. Power customer satisfaction regarding a defect free home has gone from a dismal 8% to 20% since last year.  So you can read from this that this year, 80% of those receiving a new home did not get one defect free. 

Now, no one should expect that a house will be defect free but, it would be interesting to see to what level of poor quality these 80% ended up with.  If anything, this shows you should hire a house inspector as the odds are great you will have a house with some level of problems.  I think Vegas gives you better odds on a bet.

In the GTA, Mattamy’s home stomping ground, they achieved 2nd place.  I think they know how to play the system here by ensuring surveyed homeowners get the good treatment.  In Ottawa, not surprising, they hit rock bottom again.

Here’s how one Ottawa couple felt:

“Only two years ago, Mattamy was the talk of the town, winning top honours as the builder with the best customer satisfaction, and capturing six of 13 top builder awards.

It was that record that attracted enthusiastic new buyers like Eddie Vlasblom and his wife Dyanne Wilson, who now have soured on the company.

Vlasblom and Wilson ordered a $500,000 “dream home” at Half Moon Bay in Barrhaven, but say many things went wrong. From a cracked basement floor to damaged hardwood floors, poor insulation, cracked windows and wrong kitchen fittings, it was one problem after another.

The worst, Vlasblom said, was that company staff treated him and his wife as a nuisance.

“This was our dream home and it turned into a nightmare. We found out that everyone has a horror story about this company,” said Vlasblom. “I am just fed up and I am fixing things myself.”


“Frank Cairo, president of Mattamy Ottawa, said the survey results reflect a company that essentially became a victim of its own success.”
I think they started to believe their own cutsey ads and forgot you actually have to build a decent home and put in a decent effort to ensure a customer at least has a home fit to live it.  Doing shortcuts at planning (sold houses before permitted), doing illegal changes to the environment and doing illegal wiring just doesn’t cut it.
“We had so many sales that unfortunately it was very difficult to keep pace with the construction volumes on site with limited trade base in Ottawa,” he said.
In my neck of the woods that is called greed.  You know your limitations so why go out and sell too many to properly build – unless it is greed.  Other builders only build what they can justify with their resources.  Yeah, their president may not get to be a billionaire but, the homeowner probably gets a better built house.  Like those that bought Monarch and rewarded this company with first place in Ottawa.  They only got 3rd place in the GTA after 2nd place Mattamy but, the GTA is Mattamy’s home ground.
Seems that after they sold my house with illegal wiring and showed their greed, Mattamy didn’t change their spots – or should it be stripes, considering they were convicted of an environmental crime?
So, no matter who the builder is you only have a 20% chance of getting a home without defects. 


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