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July 13, 2010

It’s a roll of the dice without a house inspector.


My wife was out and about and was surprised to see someone she hadn’t seen for a while.  Needless to say, a healthy gossip session began.  All was well with her friend but she did have one regret.

She had recently downsized from a 6 bedroom house into a bungalow – wanted something a bit more cozy for herself.  Now, this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision and it was the 6th house she had put a bid on during her search. 

Why the 6th house? 

 It seems that on the previous 5 she put in a stipulation that the sale was on condition that a house inspector would survey the house. 

Sellers declined.  I wonder why?

She told my wife that she felt that this was common in the Oakville area, although I know someone recently who bought a small house in Oakville and she was allowed a house inspector.  The house is old enough to have a basement that isn’t the normal height one expects in today’s buildings.  Problems yes, but they were identified and acceptable.

Now, my wife’s friend, on the sixth house, decides that she really likes the place and does what we should never do – drops the house inspector clause.

She moves in, happy to have the new house and learns that the former owners weren’t overly forthcoming on problems in the house – problems any homeowner in the place for any length of time should have known about.

The roof had some shingle problems, to the point where the under-surface had rotted in places and the attic had mold.  To top things off, the former owners had done a reno and took out a load bearing wall.  I guess the open concept looked good but, now the house had to be jacked up and repaired.

All at her expense. 

Her lawyer feels she hasn’t got much of an argument and the lawsuit would cost more than what she might get.

I wish I had been able to talk to her before she bought.  A house inspector is there for you and, is really the only one working on your side.  They make a flat fee no matter what.  The fact that an owner won’t allow a house inspector should set off alarm bells.  What are they worried about?  If they have done normal maintenance, which every homeowner should expect to follow, their home should be in pretty good shape. 

And if the house inspector finds something and the buyer wants a reduction in price, what are you worried about as the seller?  Don’t sell and either fix it yourself or try to find some sucker who doesn’t hire an inspector. 

Hey, you don’t think people are that low?  Your forget that Mattamy broke the electrical code to allow a furnace to be passed on inspection and sold the house with wiring that could have harmed my children.  So, if some big corporation like Mattamy is going to stoop to that level, you don’t think some individual will?

So, no matter what you are buying, get a house inspector or, if you feel lucky, throw the dice and take a chance.  You never know – maybe lady luck will give you a break. 

Myself – I’ll increase my odds with a house inspector.



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  1. fire put out faster than 5 bank robberies out your way eh ?


    Comment by Sump pump may have caused fire — July 13, 2010 @ 11:46 pm | Reply

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