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June 26, 2010

What goes around, comes around


My wife is temporarily involved in a project with some other people from around her organization.  During one break, a single mother brought up how good Mattamy had been to her with her new condo.  Needless to say, my wife was intrigued as to how they treated her.  Appears she is one of those who got the royal treatment and may, of course, be on the potential dreaded J.D. Powers and Associates survey list in the future.  We await that little bit of information.

If you were in the mood to buy a Mattamy home and listened to her and also believed the Mattamy cutsey ads, you might be tempted to place your trust in this builder and just go out and buy without doing the usual things one should do to protect themselves – no matter who the builder is.

She was very surprised to learn about my problems but thought Mattamy had probably pulled up their socks since I had bought. 

She was then told of the Ottawa problems,  Bracebridge problems, Hawthornevillager problems etc, all of them fairly recent and she was surprised she didn’t know any of this.  She had relied on what she had read in the papers to make her decision to buy.

No matter who you buy from, and I only use Mattamy as an example as we have the proof of their illegal acts, you should not only ask friends and acquaintenaces about the builder but should also check the internet and maybe some professional house inspectors that can tell you from experience what to look for.

And yes, hire the house inspector to give the place the once over and protect your investment, no matter who the builder is.  Remember, builders survive on profit and that comes at YOUR EXPENSE.

My wife’s work friend has a true PASSION (borrowing from the Passion Miner) about her new place and we wish her luck but, is she aware of what might be lurking in the background – some little surprise Mattamy has left behind.  Since she didn’t protect herself, who is to know until too late.

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