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June 25, 2010

Britney Spears and Mattamy – both have a good side and a bad side


Well, you’re coming up to the weekend and you’ll either be relaxing over a nice BBQ in the back yard or maybe going north to some northern shangri-la on a beautiful lake or, just faking it at the G20 in a Muskoka chair overlooking a lovely fake lake.  But, I am sure some of you, especially if the weather is good, will be out looking at the house models and determining if this is the weekend you make the plunge into homeownership for the either the first or multiple time.

By the way, you might want to mention my blog at the Mattamy sales office – see what they say.  And then ask them if everything is true.  I’d be interested in knowing the answer as all my stuff is backed up with fact.  Are they in terms of quality, which is never mentioned in their ads?


Don’t be overawed by the models.  Lets face it – they are built to draw you like flies to honey and they will be built to perfection.  Unlike that reality show you fall into once you sign on the dotted line.  Don’t rush it.  Use the built-in time deadlines to get legal advice and hopefully you’ve done your internet research and know what to expect and look for.

If you visit this article here you will see what I mean about “before and after” and” model homes and reality built”.  The before and after photos of Britney Spears kind of shows just how things can be made to look what they aren’t.

For those wondering, the air-brushing occurred on the left picture.

Well, Mattamy has been known to do things in their model homes that just doesn’t pan out in the house you eventually get and that is why it is imperative that you put a house inspector in your house buying tool kit.

You know why I recommend it – now here is why someone else recommends it.

“just wanted to let you all know. I did an inspection yesterday, and am glad we did. I recommend getting one if you can.

Found out we have a hole in our roof, some bad shingles, some issues with the eavestroughs, no caulking on the heartypanel stuff. and no fire stopper barriers in the basement .

Soo glad we had him come in, I recommend getting one, cause your house might look purdy, but to the standard eye this isn’t stuff you would see.”

Do any of you feel qualified to scout out these problems while on a walk-through of the house – all glassy-eyed and in awe of your new purchase.  I’d say a bare minimum could do it properly while also talking to your spouse, having the Mattamy inspection person taking you where they want and giving you some professional bullshit.

A builder like Mattamy, run by an accountant, is there to make a profit.  How else do you think he paid for a house he once owned that originally was evaluated at $45 million.  Either a lot of homes sold with a large profit margin or, good cost savings that made better profit margin.  Either way, it was YOUR money that made him a billionaire.  Fixing problems only decreases him back to millionaire status.

Learn from others and demand a house inspector.  Me, I’d ask to have it put in the purchase agreement to ensure no problems down the road. 

Let them know – they will be held to the standards they advertise and put in a model home. 

Remember, you can fantasize about the Britney Spears on the left or live with the one on the right. 

Both look nice but one is better.

P.S.  Sorry for the cheesecake but since Mattamy believes in cutsey to sell (children hunting tadpoles), I thought I’d use a little advertising licence to prove my point.  At least mine shows to be true in the photo – or does it.  Could have been done by a Mattamy advertiser who never talks quality.

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