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June 9, 2010

Gilgan – Have I got a church for you……


Appears I’m not the only one who was somewhat offended by Eleanor Clitheroe’s continuing saga of pushing for more pension from Hydro, and eventually from taxpayers and hydro consumers. This less than charitable action was cause for The Reverend Canon Joseph Asselin of St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church in Oakville to write to the editor of the Toronto Star.  Ironic he is of the same church as Clitheroe.

“I’m convinced the Lord we both serve would prefer she redirect her efforts, energy and money toward the building of the Kingdom of God – where the poor are given justice, while the wealthy, rather than seeking even more for themselves, choose to serve the common good”.   Certainly a very worthy statement.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Mattamy Homes and Clitheroe seem to be birds of the same feather.  Based on Billionaire Peter Gilgan’s treatment of some of the Mattamy homebuyers – especially that poor lot in Kanata Fairwinds, maybe he should look into joining Clitheroe’s church as they appear to have something in common.  Building personal fortunes at the expense of others.

“Today, Rev.  Clitheroe is finding fulfilment by serving parishioners at Oakville’s St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church and providing pastoral care for area prisoners.”  


“She says the largest problem with the present penal system is that prison does not reform inmates. In fact, she points out passionately, not only do ex-convicts continue to offend and return to jail but the problem is also generational, as children and grandchildren of offenders tend to end up in the courts and prisons too.”

Well, we have some agreement here and hopefully her work will have some positive benefit but, her drive to get a bigger pension might give the wrong message to her flock.  They might try to get back their own Canada Pensions – shades of Clifford Olsen.

Anyways, since Peter Gilgan et al at Mattamy allowed life-threatening illegal wiring into my house, maybe Gilgan would feel right at home  if he was a member of Clitheroe’s flock. 

Yes, birds of a feather do flock together.

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  1. There was some banter that insurance agents sitting on councils also insure some developers too as well as lawyers without the need for campaign contributions …


    Comment by Same all over Canada — June 14, 2010 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

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