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May 24, 2010

Developers Profit – taxpayer pays the freight * Mattamy Rule #1


Sometimes I just wonder who is running our local government – the voters or the developers.  We’ve recently read about the scandals north of Toronto and the abnormal amount of influence the developers have in local political circles.  Yes, we need developers to help build our communities and yes, they should make a reasonable profit.  But at what cost to the local taxpayer?

Our population keeps growing and for those who have increasing incomes, a need to fill the desire to upgrade to better homes.  Our developers are here to fulfill that need but again, at what cost.

I read Jennifer Smith’s Blog and she describes the problems they are having in terms of the expansion for the Milton District Hospital.  Expansion made necessary by the recent rapid growth of Milton’s population.  A variety of issues that needs to be addressed are in the funding discussion.

But, in the blog,  she makes one statement that causes me concern.  They are discussing a tax levy to assist in the funding as well as using the GTA pooling funds that are being redirected back to the Region and the Town (of Milton). 

 In her words:

” Those funds are currently being used to chip away at the Town’s $10 million infrastructure deficit that I believe was incurred when we started borrowing money from Mattamy to upgrade our roads.”

So, expansion to the hospital, in part, is being stalled due to a lack of funding and one reason is that funds are being paid back to Mattamy for an infrastructure loan.  And who caused this infrastructure loan to happen? 

 Mattamy and other developers, utilizing the opportunity given to them by taxpayer subsidized building of a water pipe that allowed development.  The taxpayer created the situation that allowed growth and profit to the developers and, is now stuck paying for the infrastructure costs as well.  As an aside, I wonder what kind of interest rate the Town got on that loan or, what concessions did they have to make?

We had to upgrade our roads because Mattamy and other developers came and built the communities that demand the roads.  

You know something.  I’d like to sell my house and will give a loan to the Town of Oakville so it can come in and spruce up the area and make it more saleable and increase the value.  I’ll give you this loan for the same considerations you gave the developers.  But remember, I need the taxpayer to foot the bill for a few things as well, just like the developers got you to do as well.  And, in all fairness, the Town of Milton can give me the money since it was the Town of Oakville and Burlington that paid the freight on the water pipe to Milton and the taxpayer got no benefit at all from this, except an added bonus to their monthly bill.

P.S.  Don’t worry Milton – I still love you, especially the Blacksmith Shop up there – hopefully the developers won’t tear it down in their rush to benefit from local taxpayer funding.

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