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May 13, 2010

“Conflict of Interest” – All in the eye of the beholder.


Back on May 8th, the Toronto Star did a little article on possible conflicts of interest up in Markham.  Apparently Carolina Moretti, a Markham Councillor would, in the past, declare a conflict of interest and abstain from voting on any issues specifically involving Fieldgate Development Group, for which her son worked.  But, it seems she saw no issues in terms of her voting on deciding the boundaries of land that would be protected from developers.  Seems Fieldgate is speculating on certain packages of land that could be involved in the boundary discussion.  To me, I see the conflict – what about you?

Too many local politicians have some type of link with developers – either through marriage, friendships or, donations.  And developers also hire those with inside information.  Mattamy hired Susan Murphy in Ottawa – maybe for her good looks?  I doubt if Mattamy hired ex-Halton Chair Peter Pomoroy for his good looks 🙂 but, I assume he had good contacts within Halton that assisted Mattamy in their development plans.  Too bad the Ottawa thing didn’t really work but a lot of people suffered as a result.

In Oakville, we know the story about ex-Mayor Ann Mulvale.  I look forward to the pre-election meetings where I can at least pass out information brochures on the link between Mattamy and the Mayor and how children’s lives were put at risk and nothing was ever done.  But, maybe the sacrifice was good in that Wellspring got their money.  For the greater good.

An awful lot of “greater good” seems to be going on around here though.  Gilgan’s 32,000 square foot home Edgemere, was the result of a “greater good” I guess.  Too bad some of us didn’t get the same quality or did Gilgan dump the place because of pre-mature roof failure, illegal wiring, rotting front porch posts, leaking basements or a plethora of other problems we Mattamy owners seem to have suffered. 

Or maybe Gilgan had Monarch build his house to ensure no problems – they seem to be winning the BILD awards.

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