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May 10, 2010

Edgemere – Gilgan’s old house now a sales office


Buying the dream house. I read some of the stories about how people have gone the night before to line up (of course, in the rain or cold weather) and rush into the sales office when it opens and try to buy a house with high pressure sales and an atmosphere like a 50% off sale in women’s lingerie at Wal-mart. Remember the guy who got crushed to death in the stampede?

Recently, the Toronto Star did an article on how the better half get to buy. No cramped sales office for them. Nada…. they get to rub shoulders with a limited invitee list (100) in the comfort of the 32,000 square foot former Gilgan humble abode on the shores of Lake Ontario – little wine or Red Stripe beer for you sir/madam.

Yes, they all sit in the “living room” to listen to high-brow speakers like Lee-Chin (you know, the guy on the Toronto Royal Ontario Museum Crystal). Not like the living room you eventually get in your house after putting up with a night in the rain.

Of course, Marc Hewitt, who is developing this property, bought Gilgan’s shack for a cool $35 million and obviously will have to sell the condos at a good price to make up this small investment. I guess when you’re buying $2.5 to $6.8 million dollar condo’s you don’t have to put up with the “high-powered sales pitch” we mere mortals have to suffer in order to get a home.  I said home because the article gave me the impression they are selling houses for investment, not some place a family would live and develop as a home.

One wonders if they get better quality as in construction, not hardware, etc than the Mattamy tract home buyers get or, do they get better Tarion service as well?  Does $6.8 million buy you better after-care?  It will be interesting to see but I doubt if people in that income class need deal with Tarion.  They just pass word and next thing you know, the developer is out digging ditches somewhere.  Unlike us poor folk that suffer the poor quality or the Bully Boys.

Well, at least some of you got flowers…..

Oh, and one thing.  They are advertising 1,000 feet of shoreline.  Sorry folks, but even your $6.8 million doesn’t get you exclusive rights to the shoreline.  See, the Town of Oakville looked after the common folk here and that strip along the lake – it is Town land and open to all who wish to enjoy a walk along the lake.  We thank those who fought long and hard to get that.  But, I promise to be on good behaviour when I pass by your place – no mooning for me.

P.S.  Before someone gets the wrong idea…. I have no problem with and, actually respect people who make their money the hard way and legally.  You’ll know who you are.   Conrad – sorry buddy but I think the courts said otherwise.

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