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May 9, 2010



So read the headline in the Home-Extra article in the Toronto Sun.  And what happened?  “Monarch wins “Builder of the Year”. 

 Hmmm, wasn’t this Mattamy’s traditional spot.  Alas, I guess they’ve caught up with Mattamy and the plethora of problems they are having that ends up spoiling a homeowner’s dream.

If you want to see the winners, visit this link:  2010 BILD winners.

You’ll notice that Mattamy didn’t even get an honourable mention, although the group that bought the old Gilgan homestead in Oakville, Edgemere, won 3 awards.  Maybe some of the old Gilgan luck rubbed off on them.

One wonders why a top award-winning company starts to blow the awards.  Number of reasons I guess but maybe it just comes down to quality and the lack of appreciation for roughshod tactics used in their customer service (bully boys come to mind?)

Or maybe some perceive a lack of some truth in advertising?  Like the Sunday ad for “SEATON” in Pickering – you know, the tadpole infested place that needs kids to hunt them down.

One of their cutsey lines reads: “Making yesterday and today part of tomorrow”.

After reading this, why do I get the idea I will be looking at a bleak, ruined, devastated and somewhat worthless landscape in the future.  A lot of people say they buy Mattamy as they are cheaper than the competition.  Like the competition that is winning the quality and customer service awards.  Why cheaper?  Maybe Mattamy buys a wildlife diverse swampland at a cheap price and then transforms it into a suburban wasteland.  Wonder why people are having flooding basements, Mattamy is charged with illegal berms and other problems? Possibly due to the swampland development?  At least in Florida you get better weather.

I am putting a link here to the Forbes Wetland site where an upgraded video has been produced to show the transformation from a viable wetland to an asphalted Mattamy development, sans nature.  For those in Seaton, go enjoy the view now because it might not be there when you buy.  And for those tadpole hunters, watch the end of the video to see what kind of environment your child might be hunting tadpoles in.  The fencing in a flood will be a nice trap.

Below is the summary and where you can view it

YouTube Direct – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhpsKw6pU
Hespeler News – http://www.hespelernews.com
Death of a Wetland Site –  http://www.deathofawetland.com

This 2010 video “Death of a Wetland” captures the brutal reality of the impact a Mattamy Homes subdivision has on a watershed.

See the damage a Mattamy Homes subdivision causes to the Forbes Watershed and a provincially significant wetland. There WAS 177 species of wildlife and276 species of plants.

The before and after footage is chilling and tells a story of what can happen when weak environmental legislation is combined with a ruthless developer and a City of Cambridge Planning Department and City Council who put the environment last on their list or priorities.

The first 6 minutes of the video shows the wetland in 2000 the last three minutes show the subdivision in 2010 that wiped out the Forbes watershed and provincially significant wetland.

To get even more depressed go to DEATH OF A WETLAND





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