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May 6, 2010

Election contributions – don’t you just love them? Some don’t…….


In Monday’s blog I noted that you should watch your local politicians over the summer to see who they supported and then check out the donations.  In the past, you had to wait until after the election to see who supported who – a little late for voting purposes.

Well, in the Monday Toronto Star, what do I read but,  a Vaughan (City above the law) politician has come out and stated he will be publishing his donation/support list prior to the election.  Steven Del Duca doesn’t accept support from developers and has no problem showing just who is financially backing him. 

Well done. 

In Halton, Allan Elgar is known not to accept developer donations along with Ajax Mayor, Steve Parish.  There are a number of others listed in the Toronto Star report if you want to check it out.

Of course, there are other ways to accept donations.  They need not be reportable election donations but, donations that give favourable press.  Like the free bus rides in Milton by Mattamy; the donation to Ann Mulvale’s project, Wellspring; etc, etc.

But it is a start and hopefully will stop the unfair influence by developers in our area.  We need careful development but at what cost to the taxpayer and community? 

Milton’s growth was built on the back of the Oakville/Burlington taxpayer who subsidized the water pipe to Milton, thus allowing development.  We are still paying the freight on that one and we all know how much Mattamy whined about paying development costs to pursue their massive project in Milton. 

As well, Mattamy tried a fast one on the environment in the Ottawa Kanata area with their Fairwinds project.  Found guilty of illegally constructing berms that would have affected the watershed and, their models of land runoff are not considered sufficient to address environmental concerns but are profitable to Mattamy.  Fortunately the ex-Ottawa employees working for Mattamy didn’t sway the decision-making process in Mattamy’s favour.  Not like Halton.

Kudos to those politicians who are not afraid to stand up to big development bosses and not accept their blood money.  Will our provincial politicians sing the same tune or, will they keep accepting funding from those expecting favours?

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