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May 1, 2010

In the day – we had lifelong quality


Just havng our Mattamy “poorly installed” front door replaced.  The salesperson, who obviously will promise the world to get the sale, did bring up an interesting point of view.

He remarked how long it took to build a house over in Europe compared to here.  You know, Europe, the place with houses hundreds of years old.  The kind that have survived centuries of war, pestilence and whatever else was thrown at them. One of the reasons, and I am sure there is a load of reasons, that it takes that long is the amount of time being put towards quality – the type of quality that ensures the place will be standing long after you are dead and gone to another life.

I look at our sub-divisions, and Mattamy probably isn’t the only builder guilty of this but, as I gaze at these places, why do I feel I am looking at disposable houses?  Kind of like a diaper on the landscape, waiting to be put on the junk pile.  Our nice looking brick exteriors are only facades – temporary like a movie set.  Our green wood warps behind the drywall and, our squeaking floors give a little when you walk on them. Ah, the list is endless.

Nail pops, rotting window frames and trim that allows wind and rain to infiltrate and slowly rot your house.  All of which you discover when you go to replace what is falling around your ears.  Even though you did yearly maintenance and regular painting.

How many of you have admired those century homes in your area.  Yes, they need maintenace but, you look at the windows and they are original from a hundred years ago.  Here we are replacing windows less than 20 years old and roofs after 2.5 years or so.  I know a foreman wh0 was with Mattamy and he bragged he could build a house in a month.  Sorry, but those guys in Ottawa – he’s not there so you’ll have to wait. 

 A month – yes that’s moving and, that’s why some of us did our PDI with workmen scurrying around the place trying to finish.  Nice Mattamy style PDI – hide all the problems with workmen.

Yes, I know I sound cynical but, do you really think these Mattamy and other builder’s communities will really be around after a century or, just bulldozed into oblivion – a rotting monument to the degradation of home construction on the alter of expediancy and the “me generation” of profit?

I see Rosedale and admire the quality and long lifespan.  With Mattamy et al, I only see speculation, quick profit and short lifespan.  And the proven distruction of our environment.

NOTE:   After writing this I discovered a thread on a forum that discusses the caulking around windows.  Another example of poor quality in some Mattamy homes.  Appears that cheap caulking and poor preparation of the area to be caulked is the reason for some pre-mature failure in the seal.  Something that, if not looked after, will be the cause of leaking windows and eventually rotting of the window system.  This is a good thread to visit as there is some sound advice – some from professional caulkers and a home inspector.  Worth the visit if you are thinking of repairing your windows. 

At least you will know if your contractor is doing it right. 

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