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April 24, 2010

Killer tadpoles in Seaton?? Mattamy opens season on them.


Mattamy Homes has been hitting the advertising big time lately to announce their long overdue project in Pickering is now open. Labelled “Lakeside Seaton”, they are pushing the cutesy idea that your kids will be able to hunt for tadpoles in a local natural creek.

Hmmm, what do you do with tadpoles? Eat them?

Here we have a supposedly environmentally friendly homebuilder pushing the fact you should buy a home near this creak and send your kids out to kill tadpoles. So much for letting them grow into frogs and help the environment by eating bugs etc. Your mosquito population will certainly grow so make sure Mattamy puts those screens in right.

And, please everyone, if you move to this area, educate your children on the dangers of spring runoff. As a child I survived this peril but I think it was more dumb luck than safety. Having had illegal and potentially life threatening wiring put into my house, which endangered my children, I am somewhat suspect of Mattamy’s thoughts on child safety.

And speaking of safety. I understand, through the rumour mill, that Mattamy is coming up with a new upgrade package for their new homes. All based on their basement flooding experiences in Bracebridge, their dismal performance in Kanata and the drainage problem there and, the less than 2 year old homes with leaky or failing roofs in Milton ( you know, the place that got the free bus rides from Mattamy and the close relationship with local politicians).

They are offering, at the usual substantial Mattamy markup, a safety package that consists of a liferaft (for those expected floods in Mattamy land), an umbrella for your protection inside the house from leaky roofs (it is guaranteed to be lucky if you open it inside) and, for a small increase in price, you can get the deluxe blue Canadian Tire tarp for you roof, with extra large bungy cords to hold it on. I understand supplies are limited (unless you slip someone a couple of bucks), so get yours soon.

And, for those in Seaton, you will get a family pack of life-preservers, for when you send the kiddies down to the storm swollen creek to kill tadpoles. 

Ah yes, no life like it.  I can just picture it now.  Gilgan down there in his billionaire designer jeans teaching the kids the nostalgic art of how to catch tadpoles.  Nothing mentioned in the ad about catch and release, so who knows what Mattamy suggests be done with these obviously dangerous creatures who need to be hunted down to possible extinction. 

Maybe Peter can teach the lads and girls the fine art of BBQing tadpoles or something.  🙂

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  1. Road plans: bike lanes, salamander tunnel

    What began as a study to increase safety for motorists on a beautiful but dangerous stretch of road just north of the Burlington/Milton border has been expanded to protect cyclists as well as the endangered Jefferson Salamander…


    Comment by Salamander Tunnel Milton — April 24, 2010 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

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