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April 23, 2010

Is 3 inches enough???


Today was not a good day.  After my doctors appointment and picking up my prepared Income Tax return, I come home to find Cogeco replacing the service line from the street to the house (the line was declared in bad shape last summer).  What the problem was, they had sliced the Bell Telephone cable while digging up the old Cogeco cable. 

You see, both were only about 3 inches below the grass.  Now, I don’t know about what you think, but putting cables  3 inches below the surface doesn’t really seem that great an idea.  How many people put a shovel to their lawn to enlarge the garden or shove a beer holder into the ground? 

We took out a small bush in our garden a few days ago and what do we find – a Bell Telephone Cable lurking in the top soil. 

So, for all you gardeners out there, you might want to call Bell Telephone and have them come out and locate your Bell Line and also tell you how deep it is.  If you don’t and you cut it, be prepared to pay the piper.  And, I’d also get Cogeco to come around and mark their cables and tell you how deep they are.

Calling them would be due diligence on your part and if they refuse, at least you can blame them when your telephone or cable TV goes out when you try to do some gardening.

And for you guys that like to shove a beer holder into the ground, you might want to think twice before you stab the sod.

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  1. bell cables on the Poll get laid directly the same as you see em in the air so when your municipality gets a clearance, Bell doesn’t denote the bends in the buries cables so when a Gradeall goes to clean out ditches, if ever, Bell is right out there with the Over Time Book hoping to trick a municipal worker to sign on @ your expense to pay for the repairs etc.


    Comment by LEEPing into a green future — April 25, 2010 @ 3:23 am | Reply

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